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Mr. Perfect Review Rating: 2.75 / 5

Movie Review Mr. Perfect - Mr. Perfect Review

Movie Review Mr. Perfect - Mr. Perfect Review - Mr. Perfect Score, 

Telugu Movie Review: Prabhas, who bagged a decent hit with his previous film, Darling is back with a film of the same species, Mr. Perfect. This is a brand of Dil Raju film addressed the audience of families and women. Let's get to the details of Mr. Perfect review ...
Vicky (Prabhas) is a guy who wants to live his life according to his wishes. When his parents fix her marriage to Priya (Kajal), who thinks Vicky is a complete mismatch to him. And he rejects the proposal. He finds another girl Maggie (Taapsee), which is identical to his character. But her father (Prakash Raj) says it is not perfect groom for his daughter. Challenges that can impress any of his character and ideology. Vicky takes up the challenge. But whether this can be? Find the answer on the silver screen.
Mr. Perfect is a film that is developed at one point that we need to see that everyone around us is happy, and happy. As each film Dil Raju, is also preaches family values, and connecting people.Although the basic idea is a good movie is not from the execution.
There are not many heart touching scenes in the film. Any form of compromise at one point or another. Projects, discussions, relationships, experience ... This is the script of this film. Everyone gets into the preachy mode all the time and boring to the core. The situations are forced, and thus the film lacked soul. We can hardly find any scene which is at least close to "perfect", let alone perfect.
Speaking as a family for the consumers who do not mind watching the same old dramatic scenes and time again. If you are game for stereotypical formulaic movies, and then Mr. Perfect is right for you. If you are looking for freshness in theme and characterization, two hours of boredom is guaranteed.
The film falls short on comedy aspect of it. Brahmanandam and Raghu Babu try too hard to make you laugh. The hero of arguments about the perfect life is quite misleading. He actually compromises every time, but the people around him say that is not threatened, and rightly so! Whew!
Another biggest drawback is the pace of the film. This is a snail pace and lack of energy. The scenes during the peak of the talks drag too much. On the whole, Mr Perfect has too many flaws. Only formulaic family drama presentation and should help to keep on hand.
Prabhas performance is fine. He did his best to pull off a character that does not have enough energy. In fact, this role does not suit his personality. Prabhas is best when it is active and energetic.Circulation party dialogues and using less muscle is not his forte.Kajal looked good in a few scenes and some bad. Inconsistent makeup is a major drawback. Her performance is good, though. It may be getting typecast in those days.
Taapsee is in order. She dubbed in his voice. Prakash Raj is not this type of role in every other movie. He looked bored. Murali Mohan and K. Vishwanadh haunt every time they open the mouth.They keep on preaching moral values ​​of life.
Brahmanandam is routine and Raghubabu is loud. There is nothing more to say about the cast of other stars.
None of the songs are good on the ears. Devi Sri Prasad's tunes lacked novelty and energy. Evaluation of the background is partly good. Edit Marthand K. Venkatesh is standard. Pictures: Vijay Chakravarthy is in order. Dialogues written by Abburi Ravi are good in parts. It may be noted that it is simply a reformulation of Trivikram dialogs.
Director of Dasaratha again failed to recreate his magic Santosh.This film is heavily inspired by a lot of hits and Dasaratha simply based on the stereotypical scenes and content of a hit. This movie has nothing good for him is not one scene that showed the director glow.
Plus Points:
- Family Drama- A few funny scenes in the first half
Minus points:
- Boring Writer- Preachy dialogues- Drag the second half
Final Word: Mr. Perfect is a clichéd movie, which is directed to the crowds of tourists. It can operate on the commercial front, but the content is very poor. Go for it, if you do not mind watching the same old family drama again.
Mr. Perfect Review Rating: 2.75 / 5
Banner: Sri Venkateswara CreationsStarring: Prabhas, Taapsee, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash RajPublisher: Marthand K VenkateshAuthor: Vijay K ChakravarthyDirection: DasaradhMusic: Devi Sri PrasadProducer: Dil Raju

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