Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Man From Nowhere Movie Review

hihi ! This time, I am doing a Korean Movie Review. Which is really rare for me. Usually I don’t like Asian movies that much because the plots are always similar about gangsters & cops, or it would be lame comedy or lame romantic movies. I think this might be the first time that I watch Korean movie though, & I am glad that I watched it! 

The beginning of the movie seems like a typical Asian movie flow... it’s still about gangster & cops. But this time the cops are not the main characters & “ the man” have a protected secret that even cops don’t have the access to. Other than the usual money and drugs, this time the children are involved. Which made the movie that much more touching. After watching the movie I do feel a little sad knowing that there must be some children out there who are in the same situation as the children in the movie. It’s not an unbelievable situation. 

Overall I rate the movie 4.2 stars. I thought everything was pretty good. There are not much graphic effects which is ok because the fights are not just pure gun shoots but also includes physical fight with knifes; which for me was way more intense than gun shooting scenes. The reason it didn’t get a higher grade from me is because the simple plot. There’s not much mystery but everything flows and make sense. I thought the most interesting part was when “ the man” cut his hair, he looks totally different before & after! Also, he’s pretty hot! hehe

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