Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creeps of the Day...

Hi lovlies.. I had a little creepy morning.. this is what happen...

Well.. my car is supposedly coming back home soon~ so my hubby thought I should start driving again. Literally I stopped driving for months.. so I thought it was a good idea. Driving is not as scary as I thought it would be after the accident.. I am still more sensitive than before... about anything.. but I think I will be ok. I usually turned into this small street but there was a stupid person standing in the middle of the turned lane! Er.. I hate it when people stand in the middle of the street? Does he have a death wish? There is no cross walk, so at least cross when there is no car around.. not in the busy morning time when people are off to work!!!

So I avoided him and turned into the next street... as I was turning, there was a stupid dog standing in the middle of the street! Luckily I thought “ he’s standing on the other lane.. not going to bother me”.. but there was another car coming from the other direction & the dog moved toward my lane! So my hubby start screaming “ Careful!” & I was just shock for a little bit because the dog was kind of at my blind spot when he moved, so I barely saw the stupid dog... errr.. lucky dog, nothing happen to him..  = =... Idk if he have a owner, no chain or anything on him~ 

I was trying to find a stupid dog pix, but all I found were cute ones.. & this one is so sad, the dog is trying to help the other dog that got hit... 

After I arrive at work, I was bored because getting dropped off meaning getting to work EXTRA early.. so I decided to go to the convenient store and buy some breakfast. I went through the backdoor because it was closer, & than I saw a bunch of construction worker guys from next door standing around looking at me.. WEIRD... so I quickly walk pass by them... as I approach to the lights, I saw the drivers in the cars looking at me... errr... this is unlike my old office building, where the nearby streets area always filled with people. Now, there is no one around me.. ehh.. scary.. Thank GOD it’s day time..( of course I would never walking around by myself at night...)

I bought some donuts & left the store, on my way back a black guy said “ hey beautiful” or whatever he said I didn’t listen. I don’t have anything against black guys, no matter the race, it’s just creepy for a stranger to say those things to me.. errr... Finally, I am almost back into the office building, I made another mistake by thinking going back in the back door will be faster... IT WAS LOCKED!..  ahhhh!! ok.. so now I have to pass by the construction worker guys AGAIN to go around to the front door.... & I got another “ morning” greeting.. hahaha..

Ok... so that was my creepy morning.. oh & the donuts taste horrible. 

I can’t wait to get my car back.. I miss it SO MUCH.. 

How was your morning? 

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