Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion Show Spring&Summer 2011

Hi lovlies~  Today my topic is fashion... after all the dramas last year... I kinda forgot about school for a while... I was planning to study fashion design.. see how that goes... so yeah I already enrolled in one class this coming semester. I actually already taken some sewing classes in HS & college. So I do kinda feel like this class well be a duplicate of what I did before. Though, those were “sewing” class instead of “fashion” class so I suppose it’s different?

I have a friend who’s working in the fashion industry now... I don’t think she took fashion classes before, & her goal was actually not fashion related, but she seems to really like her job now. I was wondering if I should just be like her to find a job in fashion industry & than look for better opportunities once I have some experience. However, her pay is not high, so she seems to be just be there for the experience so she can move forward.

I feel like everything I am interested doesn’t really come with a big paycheck....unless I am famous... lol.. but oh wells, I am just trying out what interests me... hopefully I will eventually find a career that I truly desire.

So I was looking though some fashion shows & I have to say I agree with everyone who loves Alexander McQueen. I love all the dramatic styles, beautiful colors...I love every single piece!

Chanel Spring Summer 2011
I love many pieces from the Chanel collection. Other than classic, there’s also exciting fashion forward pieces. The overall atmosphere of the stage is breathtaking; I cannot imagine a more beautiful stage.

Part 1

Part 2

Do you have a favorite designer? 

What’s your dream career?

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