Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, Signs of getting older or wiser?

Happy New Year Everyone! How was your new year? I hope all of you play it safe! There’s always crazy drivers out there on the holidays~ aii~!! Well, I was at my friends house & just had fun talking and eating~ & we were talking about new year resolutions. I was surprised that many of them still have new year resolutions regularly. I thought those are things that people “ get over” with as we age! lolz

So the funny thing was that after the discussion I realize signs of myself getting older.

1) I don’t make empty promises to myself: I remember I used to make a whole list of resolutions every year, & I can’t remember any of them except one. Which was “ stop procrastination” !! & I know all my classmates & I have that same thing on the list! I stop making this resolution when I realize that if I am truly going to change, I don’t need a specific time to change, I will just do it.

2) I start caring about my skin more: I know a lot of girls are more diligent with taking care of their face, starting at a young age, which is of course a good thing. For me, I just never really see much results of anything I used, plus I am not really consistent with products so I feel like every skin product is sort of a waste. However I am now more willing to spend money on skin products & be more consistent with it. I think waiting till I see the my first winkle or black spot to do anything will be too late!

3) I care about my diet more: Whenever I eat something that’s too fattening or rich, my mom will say that “ it’s ok, you’re still young, but I can’t eat it”. If I eat too spicy food, it would sting like hell but my stomach will still be fine. Now, however is not the case anymore. If I eat unhealthy like too rich, too spicy.. it will have an effect on my body. So this year, I will actually have a resolution that I have not made for a long time: which is to eat healthier! Of course this is a life long commitment, not just this year!

4) I like the color red:  For the longest time I like pink & I still love it, but I found myself falling in love with red. I usually don’t like red because I feel like it makes a woman instantly older. For example, I love Scarlett Johansson, we all know she’s very sexy and womanly. When she was 21, I had a hard time imagine that she’s only 21 with that figure & red lipstick!

Few weeks ago, someone commented that I look like I am 18, while that may be flattering I suppose ( since every woman loves to look young) but I feel like looking like my age makes me feel more sexy ~ so I start to wear red lipsticks now~ Instantly makes me more mature & hopefully look more like my age.

no red lips
VS: red lips

5) I agree with my mom more: I am sure all of us had heard from a parents or guardian that “ you will understand when you get older” or experience disagreement with them & feel like they will never understand you because of their “ old ways of thinking”. I don’t totally agree with my mom, I still disagree with her in many ways, but I also realize I agree with her on some levels in ways I never did before. So I guess I just have to say it’s true that “ something you can never understand until you’re older” no matter how mature you are for your age. 

That’s all the things I can think so now. Signs of me getting older. haha. or wiser? ( I hope) It’s not always bad to grow up~ I hope you all have a great new year now ^^ 

So what are your new year resolutions? 

ps: do you like my new header? ^^ 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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