Monday, January 17, 2011

My Weekend! ^^

Hi Lovlies! 

So so far my car is still in the shop, I can’t believe it’s taking them so long to fix it... like the parts are not even there.. what da hell are they doing???!?!!? I can understand if they need more time to fix, but at least the parts should be there ?! 

Today’s a holiday but for some reason my company decides it’s NOT... so ha.. I am here.. oh wellz.. 

This weekend I visited a few houses with my hubby~ I am sure it’s a dream for anyone to have a house they can really call their home.. On the weekends, there’s always open houses signs everywhere ~~ so whenever I saw those signs we just drive there & check it out!! 

I think without my hubby probably no one will take us seriously~ ( since I have a baby face.. although I don’t think he looks older than his age, but my friends seems to think so @__@... oh wellz, he’s a guy, it’s ok. haha.)

So I think I actually saw about 4 different places this weekend & I saw more before.. but this time I finally saw a place that I REALLY like!!! The reason I like it is because it have a HUGE master RESTROOM! Master bedroom is a must in any house, but you don’t always get the loyal master restroom! This restroom, not only includes both shower and bath, the bathtub is a massage bathtub, there’s a balcony & a long sink area enough for two plus area for makeup. 

Every room in this place is so private, first floor is living room with small bar & restroom, second floor is family room with dinning room and kitchen, third floor is bedrooms with washer & dryer room. The top floor is the master bedroom with it’s own small fireplace and balcony on both sides. There’s even steps up to the “loyal restroom”!!!

Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures~ so I couldn’t show you.. but I really love it & I would love even more if it’s a single house ( it’s a condo) Price wise I also think it’s good for it’s space & privacy design~ Although I guess I don’t know If I would truly love all the stairs in the years to come if I were to own this place!

So what is your dream home like? =)

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