Monday, April 27, 2009

OPI Colorcopia: Your Old Faves Are Back For A Limited Time

Today, I met up with my Mom and she was sporting the most gorgeous magenta mani. When I asked the color, she said, “It’s OPI Kinky in Helsinki. I think it’s new.”

The name was vaguely familiar, but I knew that the shade hadn’t been new for at least a couple of years. So I did some research and found that my mom, while misinformed, was on the right track.

OPI’s new Colorcopia collection is a limited edition collection celebrating over 20 years of OPI favorites. Best sellers from the last 20 years of OPI nail lacquer are back to celebrate OPI's 20th anniversary.

The Colorcopia lineup includes:

Berry Berry Broadway (New York City Collection, 2000)
A brilliant berry, bright as the Broadway lights.

Cancun Fiesta (OPI Nail Lacquer Launch, 1989)
Rich warm pink worth celebrating!

Copper Mountain Copper (Winter Resort Collection, 1995)
Take a "peak" at this coppery-wine shade.

D.C. Cherry Blossom (9091 Collection, 1990)
A vivid cherry-pink that's politically correct.

Florentine Fuchsia (International Collection, 1991)
Pink-red with the accent on beautiful.

French Bordeaux (International Collection, 1991)
A rich, full-bodied red.

Kinky in Helsinki (European Collection, 2002)
A wild magenta that warms even the coldest nights.

Mediterranean Moonlight (Mediterranean Collection, 1994)
A light shade of gleaming caramel.

Purple-opolis (Greek Isles Collection, 2004)
The Parthenon of all purples- a vibrant violet.

Sahara Sapphire (Painted Desert Collection, 1998)
A radiant violet-blue, chilled by the desert night.

Shootout at the O.K. Coral (American Collection, 1995)
A pink-peach that's way more than okay!

Venus di Violet (Collezione Italiana, 2001)
A delicate, opalescent violet that's a true work of art.

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