Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who is Sai Baba?

Who is Sai Baba? His body is of medium height, his skin is dark as typical for all American Indians, wears an orange robe religious. A special feature of his appearance is a shock bushy, dark, curly hair. But this is only his body, only a small part of the Sathya Sai Baba ...

In fact, he is completely different. Oceanic Universal Consciousness is associated with the material body. And in every part of the planet where this is necessary, it seems, into the fabric of God's Fire, which rises above the Earth's surface per km *.Languages ​​flame appear in any place where he is to help students.Just call them.
 Yes, this is it - the divine fire, that makes sinners tremble with fear, but there is no quality of heat for the righteous people, which is the subtlest of the subtle, which is a tenderness, Bliss, the love of God to all who have become the and made it! Or it enters them and fills them with love for God. 
The souls that touches so you can hear his orders, instructions, tips. They can do this if, as consciousness, are clean and subtle enough that they are capable of adapting to the perception of it, forgetting about the problems of the material plane. 

"There are three stages of concentration," says Sathya Sai Baba."In the first stage, you get my message in the form of mental waves. In the second stage, you hear my voice. And third, you can hear and see me. If we can clean consciousness, to move from stage to stage. "... When the mind is motionless and silent, you can hear the voice of God. Everyone who is able to purify the mind from anxiety, worries, and thoughts can tune to the voice inside of God." 

... Sometimes it takes a different look - a more condensed, a few meters in height. In this case, even people who have not cleared the necessary level of awareness to be able to see him. But always - in every look - he may be regarded by his characteristic: great hair! And let no one believes that while he communicates, for example, the author of this book, the rest of his disciples are without his attention and supervision. No: at any time of his stay in the many languages ​​of his fire come out as necessary to meet the needs of everyone! Because it is an integral part of Universal Primordial consciousness, and his power is limited! 
Speaks of himself in this way: "I am Sai Baba of Shirdi again, and then, I was primarily engaged in preparing a meal, now I have come to feed all the strengthening, purifying the meal!" "I came to restore the right path to God!" 

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