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The Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba

Science Sathya Sai Baba It does not say that his teachings are new. His teachings are simply one more manifestation of contemporary conditions on Earth, God's teachings, which have been repeatedly conveyed to people by God through His messengers. These teachings are called in Sanskrit Sanathana Dharma - the eternal law. "Sanathana Dharma is the mother of all religions, all ethical codes, and all laws of the universe," says Sathya Sai Baba  He - Sathya Sai Baba - Avatar of our days is. He says that although all possible powers of the universe are contained in the hand, it will not make happy all without distinction, because everyone has their own destiny (karma), created in the past by their good or bad thoughts and deeds. In our present actions create our future destiny. 
To get out of the abyss of earthly suffering, it is necessary to live in love for God and all living beings, including the services of creative love for other people. Service for people who are dependent on aid in their positive development, is service to God. The main enemies of man, which leads to an accumulation of negative karma, are wrongly directed mind and uncontrollable emotional level with the dominant selfish or coarse emotions. 

Man can overcome these barriers through the strengthening of faith, by directing the mind toward the divine, and through spiritual practices, which, first, to normalize the emotional sphere, and help you learn to control the mind and consciousness. But the mind, as such, is not the enemy of man in general. On the contrary, it is a germ of wisdom (jnana), and should be developed in every possible way, analysis and creative functions of consciousness. 

In order to clear your path of karmic obstacles, it is important to atone for all small and great crimes committed against any living being. "In the sincere repentance all sins can be washed. God's Mercy is flexible. If she wants to forgive, nothing can prevent this ... In spite of past sins, if not deep remorse and love for God, all sins are washed and Human nature becomes clear. To be afraid that it will not be a weakness. God has unlimited compassion! Search of His love and forgiveness will find ". 

"The most important spiritual practice is to search for his own imperfections and weaknesses of attempts to get rid of them, getting closer to perfection" . To strengthen the orientation of the mind to God, Sathya Sai Baba recommends the use of techniques of the frequent repetition of the name of God, and participation in the divine worship with songs of praise to God. 

Acquisition of faith is the first step. The next step is to love God.But how do people fall in love, with whom they do not know yet? So Divine Teachers come to Earth to help people, manifested in the unmanifest form reveals itself to humans. Love in the manifest, the aspect of an embodiment of God is more convenient for enlisted people. 

But people should also understand that Sathya Sai Baba is not only in his body: "He is everywhere, wherever it is needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to his ashram in order to talk to him, it is possible to talk with him right at home .* Sathya Sai Baba teaches that all people have only one God. And they need not be divided because of differences in their beliefs.Let everyone worship of One Universal God through traditional varieties of worship. 

What really divides people is not a variation of the faith, but the level of spiritual culture. Imagine, for example, says Sathya Sai Baba addressing male college students that, in accordance with the principle of equality of all people, to marry a girl, a Muslim who is used to eating meat. What will happen? Conflicts and disputes? 

But Sathya Sai Baba did not want people to enmity with each other due to differences in nutrition: let the lay people to eat meat. But if you walk the spiritual path, then the ethical aspects of nutrition must be maintained flawlessly! .
You can not come to God without having a perfect love, because he himself is love, and let in only those similar to themselves. A key principle of love is compassion for all living things - from plants and animals - the Messengers of God .
 With regard to the food of fish, Sathya Sai Baba also notes that these animals die in pain. When Sathya Sai Baba sent a group of his students for life in the mountains of monastic solitude. The purpose of this training was to meditation retreats. And that students are not distracted from the workout in search of food, gave them a jar, where they could find enough food is materialized by Him every day. What was the "menu"? Rice, vegetables, beans, fruits, juices, and before night (bedtime) each had a glass of milk. 
Killing-free diet is beneficial for purifying the mind and consciousness. If someone gets up early and goes to bed early, it also helps to purify the mind and consciousness. The second thing that a neophyte in religion should do is refuse to focus your mind on the negative traits of others. Every person is potentially God.See God in everyone. Love everyone as a manifestation of God for you. I will teach you using positive and negative traits of others. People differ in personal characteristics, "ego,"
In particular, they are deeply fallen, degraded souls who want to do evil. They can do this even without the bad prize. That is their nature: they are like a moth that bites and tears of things, no matter what they are, but also bites and expensive sari cloth But even such persons shall be used by God to the overall evolution of consciousness. From their example, other people can learn not to be like them, and thus may know good and evil. I will be able, by pushing away from evil, to follow the path towards good perfection to mergence with God. Need to know how: what one person can not be and what one must be a person. It's hard to know, good if you do not know evil. 
Evil men are used by God to adjustments to the development of genuine sadhakas (spiritual warriors). In particular, in this way God reminds sadhakas of impending death, and not allow them to relax unduly on the Road. Death and God are the most important monuments to all enlisted men, "says Sathya Sai Baba. Bad people to hell with doom and suffering in the next incarnation.However, they also get a chance for salvation: the reform and repent. Repentance is aware of the pangs of conscience, which leads to deliverance from addictions. 

As for the ethical self-correction, Sathya Sai Baba says the following 
 Those who seek happiness in the Atman should not run after the joys of sense objects. As the body that has the breath is useless and begins to rot and stink, like life without truth is useless and becomes a smelly apartment struggle and sorrow. Believe that there is nothing more than the truth, nothing more precious, sweet nothing, and nothing more lasting! Lord, who is Sathya grants His darshan (able to gaze upon him) to these words of truth and loving heart. Keep undiminished kindness toward all beings and the spirit of sacrifice. You also have control over indriyas, calm nature and lack of affection. Stay alert to the following sins: 1) speaking falsehood, 2) speaking ill of others, 3) slander, 4) says a lot, 5) killing, 6) adultery, 7) Theft, 8) drinking intoxicants, 9) food Body, 10) sexual desires, 11) of anger, 12) greed, 13) "earthly" attachments, 14) impatience, 15), hate, 16) egoism, 17) pride. The first to give up the evil tendency to feel envious of the prosperity of others and a desire to hurt them. Be happy that others are happy! Sympathize with those who are in misery and want their welfare. That means making love to God. Patience is a force that needs a man! Those who wish to live in joy must always be doing good! You should not give an answer as profanity. Stay far away from them, this is for your own good. Tear off all relations with people who use such words! Seek the company of good people, even at the sacrifice of his position and force. But I pray to God to bless you with discrimination needed to distinguish between good people and bad. To this must be pursued with the intellect given to you. Those who conquer the countries of the world and earn fame are called heroes, but only those who conquered indriyas are heroes who must be regarded as the conquerors of space. Regardless of the actions, good or bad, a man can do, the fruit of them, behind him and will never stop carrying it. Greed yields only sorrow, contentment is the best. There is no happiness more than satisfied! The tendency to harm should be plucked out by the roots! If the law exists, it undermines the very life! Bear with fortitude both loss and grief! Try to reach the joy and profit in the future! From that moment, avoid all bad habits! Do not delay or postpone it, because it brings no benefit. 
Try as far as possible in their own way to meet the needs of the poor who really live in poverty. Share with them whatever food and make them happy, at least at the moment. Whatever you feel you should not do to you, avoid doing such things for others. For faults and sins committed in ignorance, repent sincerely try not to repeat mistakes and sins again! Pray to God to bless you with strength and courage to stick to the right path! Do not let anything in your area, which will destroy their zeal and enthusiasm for God. No desire to cause loss of human forces. 

Performance is not cowardice! Do not give up good luck! Do not swell with pride when people praise you! Do not feel dejected when people blame you! If you're among friends, one hates another and starts to argue, do not try to inflame them more, and hate them more! On the contrary, try to love and sympathy to restore their old friendship. Instead of searching for errors of others, their own mistakes!Uproot them, throw them out! It is better to find one of your guilt, than to find errors in the tens of hundreds of others! If you can not or does not every good deed, then at least do not understand and carry out the evil deed. Whatever people may say about the errors that you know are not you, do not be alarmed! As for the bugs that are in you, you try to remove yourself before the others show it to you. Do not be angry or harbor bitterness against persons indicate your sins do not retort, pointing out the errors of the same people, but to show his gratitude for them. Trying to point out to people their mistakes is a big mistake! It is good if you know your mistakes, be wrong if you are looking for flaws in others. Whenever a little off, do not spend it in mind all and sundry, but utilize it in meditating on God or in the way of serving others. Only a devotee (he who loves God), you understand, but you understand devotee. Others may not understand. So, do not discuss matters relating to the Lord with those who are not devotees. 

If someone says to you on any subject, understanding that it was wrong, I do not think its bad reviews, but I only understand the good and sweet in what he says. If you do not get a worldly desires fulfilled, I do not blame him for the love of God: there is no connection between desire and love of God! 

If meditation is not doing the right thing, do not get discouraged!When these feelings are coming, have a defect! Only when the daily proceedings automatically behave in accordance with these principles, which can be seen the divine principle is very easy! So hold on to these maxims tight! However, Sathya Sai Baba notes that all the ethical teachings can be expressed in one short phrase Vyasa: "Help * forever, never hurts." 

The ultimate task of every human being is to know your Higher Self, which is Atman, Paramatman, the Creator. But in order to reduce the feeling, which manifests itself as self-centeredness, and is created by the mind, which must be eliminated. Mind in this context is part of the awareness gained by "worldly" desires. Desires are not our thoughts. Thought you want, when you "dip" into objects. Wishes addressed to the world of objects cause pleasure and pain. But if the desire is directed toward God, it gives you happiness! 
 Ability to think properly must be developed by the "worldly" things.Then it can be transformed into a function of buddhi. For this purpose, "tentacles" of consciousness (indriyas) should be redirected to the material world of objects, even the best of all, the Divine Consciousness. He thinks such a gradual build-people in all their affairs to rise to fundamentally different, because at this stage that step by step, they begin to learn to see the "earthly" problems, as God sees them. Egocentrism such a person becomes gradually replaced Godcentrism. How can I get rid of the vicious work of the mind, which hinder the further development? - Very simply: do not try to "drown", but I think about God! Nature of mind is such that it is necessary to deal with something, so let this be a deal with God! And when he is busy with God, to resist.  If you are not yet able to do it, and then take her to repeat the name of God or any other useful activity. 
The uncontrolled mind is like a snake. It has two trends: does not move easily and gives everything he sees. But it should be forced to move directly to God, turned directly to him. When you think of people progressing is done not by the mind, but by Buddhi, Buddhi and then immersed in God, to become him. That is why it is so important to get used to evolve in the face (of consciousness) before God.  There are two main themes that must always be borne in mind: coming death and God. And there are two main issues that need to be forgotten: the evil caused by others to you, the good done by you to others. "Obviously, it is important to remember the death, because it helps to do a lot of good things and avoid doing bad things" . "Time is a precious gift in this world. Do not waste it say a bad word, or bad deeds ... Do not waste time! It will not wait for anyone. ... It is impossible to go back in time, who was executed , is lost forever ... Nobody knows when death comes. Party time can destroy you at any time ... "In your deeds should rise to the level of heroes and can not be weak-willed people! "Mindful of his own death leads to a" one-way definitely ". "The position, pride and strength - all gone before his death. Realizing this, they strive day and night - with a purity of body and mind and spirit - to achieve the Higher Self in compliance with all living beings. "The body should be supported and kept as a tool for this purpose."But remember that they are not these bodies and these bodies are not."  "This body is only an instrument, a tool given by God. I let it serve its purpose" . Please take care of your body: it is an instrument of development themselves, for their own God-realization. Should be washed, fed, healed, if you become ill, including no contraindications to their use of drugs and other medical resources.  But food does not get pleasure! Food is like fuel for your car. This is an important element in the service of God. 
Mindful of the impending death should be slow one, but does not lead to despondency and despair. On the contrary, the help provided to others, constructive discussion with spiritual friends, progress towards self-development, should fill one of happiness, joy. "Happiness is essential to the realization of God. It is one of the major gateways to the divine. If a man is unhappy, this is not the only flaw. This is one of the most serious flaws, this is an obstacle to personal fulfillment! "In most cases, people are unhappy because the global aspirations, attachments, and joy: they pay too much attention to this world. "To help get rid of this gap, it should be emphasized as a very serious mistake. You should realize that the desires are endless like the waves on the sea!" . In many cases, the cause of human suffering is that only through suffering God can convince them of the need to transform in the middle, in the depths of the multidimensional nature of organisms, the need for self-control. Without it, will never get rid of these people suffer! God is in the middle, in the depths! He treats here! * . "Only when you're far from the truth, that suffers and feels pain. "At a certain distance from the bazaar, you can only hear faint commotion. But, as we approach it and go for it, you can clearly distinguish the separate bargainings. "Likewise, until the reality of the Supreme known, you are overwhelmed and stunned by the hustle and bustle of the world, but when we enter deeply into the realm of spiritual endeavor, everything becomes clear and knowing the reality of waking up in you. Until that time will be caught up in the importance of sound argument, dispute and extravagance exhibitionist. "Anyone who is the Eternal through the path of bhakti (devotional love for God), should seek to acquire the following characteristics: it must keep away from the turbulence, cruelty and lies of this world and the practice of truth, justice, love, and peace. This is really the path bhakti! "Those who seek union with God, those who seek the good of the world should be rejected as worthless, both praise and blame, appreciation and derision, prosperity and adversity. No one, not even God or avatar can generally avoid criticism and blame . But it does not yield to threats. ". "A man must pray for the newer service capabilities, and rejoice in the chance that in his hands to receive. Such an attitude gives immense joy. To lead a life full of the joy is really lucky! ... If life goes on in a relationship, This will be one of uninterrupted service to the Lord. A sense of "I" and "you" disappears;. All of the same will be destroyed ". "Many candidates and hermits, many sadhakas sannyasis and lost all his achievements, which have won over many years of struggle and sacrifice, because of their affection for each other" . "Regardless of the wealth of words, regardless of the level of science, it is all useless. In order to learn ... to real life, it is necessary to eradicate the feeling," I know ", to see the essence and the introspection it. Only in this case, one would certainly attain pleasure ... "If, however, aware of the" I "causes pride ..., the decline is inevitable ..." [7]. Service to others performed in accordance with the principles of karma yoga not only develops the people in all the criteria and makes their food better, but also leads to a gradual merger of the divine self, I, if you have the appropriate attitude to the service, ie itof himself as an assistant to God. "At home, all family members working for them. In the evening, when all work is done, no one says:" Father, I've done this job, you have to pay me. This is one family, why not ask for payment for their work, just do it. "But if someone from outside come to work at home, and then lay on and pay accordingly. What it pays to someone shows that he is not from your house. "But when someone becomes" your ", it is not necessary to pay him. Working together with interest, without expecting any reward for their work. "So it is with God. When you know that God is the nearest and dearest to you be, and that and you're one of the family, do not ask for payment. The one who devotes himself to God completely is Mine! I do not expect any reward "But if someone says," I have spent so much time sadhana, and establishes a business relationship with God, while saying: "In my sadhana, I did it, and I have to get a reward," it is completely different. "A child who is too small, does not speak to his mother: I want milk, I want to change the napkin, and so on.'s Mother keeps eyes on what is necessary for the child without the child's conclusions on this issue. After he gave himself completely to God and become his child - it is not necessary to speak about what you want. He will give you even more than you would ask! "Because of his love for him - let it be expensive for you! "Perform your sadhana, and you'll be closer to God! When this happens, you will not need to tell him that you want this or that - because it will become for him a little child. He will come and give even more than you ask! "Just like the fan is an instrument, you're a tool of God. Is it a fan, which puts in motion? Or is it an electric current, which puts it in motion?" . "Entrust themselves to God is devoted to him, every thought and did not want to work (for myself) the fruits of that action. Do not work because of the fruit, but because it is your duty. The Act is devoted to God, and the result is derived by him as well. "Steps to be taken in this way without the selfish pursuit of their fruit is free from negative karmic consequences. As the ego in the course of these activities is not fed and stimulated, it disappears quickly.". Sathya Sai Baba, as we have seen already, it is accidental sexual relationships, the obsession with sex. But he supports marriage and family life, including education of children. Marriage helps to "washout" the primitive lower self, because family life is beneficial for the transformation of "I" to "we." karma yoga and the teaching of marriage in order to care for others. In this way he can take care grows, this ability is an attribute of love. In this way, the sphere of His love covers more people. The ego is dissolved in the universal "we." Further progress in this area is provided by the techniques of meditation, which all cover the remaining rinse from the Higher Self. But Sathya Sai Baba warns that you should not trust the various "gurus" on the grounds that proclaimed the "gurus." He argues that the real guru is one who knows God and can lead people to Him.But such people is very low. In any case, it is much better when the guru is God. Sathya Sai Baba is also very clearly indicate that meditation training is not for everyone. People differ in the age of souls, above all. For the souls of young and immature meditation training can be destructive. Not all people can even understand what is meditation.For example, dreamlike mental images, such as flying to other planets, are wrong and harmful practice. The true essence of every human being is the Ocean of Consciousness of the Creator. Our task is to develop in the phase of practical implementation (not only mental understanding) of the truth through sadhana (spiritual effort method). On this road you go with the jiva (individual soul attached to the body and material objects) to chit (pure, or consciousness, which is purified and refined to the level of the Creator, and is identical to Atman, the Higher Self of man). The development of the soul that goes this way, at some point gain the ability to see the subtle eons, as they discover more and more.Human consciousness, which came in higher eons, he learns to see God - as the Living Light-Fire - and to cooperate with him. From a certain stage of buddhi yoga adepts can experience the material world, as it were "imposed" on the Light of Divine Consciousness, and then easily "enter" to it, dissolve in it, it becomes [8]. But this level of meditation is working for just a few successful disciples of God. For beginners Sathya Sai Baba recommends the following series of meditation training, which certainly can not hurt anyone [2 and others]: Light a candle. Remember, its image very well. Then transfer this image Anahata (this can be done sitting at the back turned to the candle), complete with a light amount of chakra, imagine it a flower, consisting of light and begin to open. Then directs the light to arms, to head to other parts of the body. Then fill from that point of view of the most beloved people, and the bodies of all humans, animals, plants ... the entire world becomes full of light, my own sinks into it and disappear, and merge and the light, the image created by me light merged with the Light of the Consciousness of God ... Mastering each item of this meditation may take a long time. But it is the straight path toward knowledge of God and mergence with Him. If you add in this meditating Fiery Image Sathya Sai Baba and other Divine Master, that such work will be much more effective. Bhakti yoga, or self-fulfillment through the love of God is the supreme yoga, the highest path. The real (potentially) the essence of every human being is God.God truly lives in a multi-dimensional human body, in its depth, in the subtlest eons. You just need to learn to move there with the concentration of consciousness, and then settle there. It will be full of self-realization, self realization of God, complete and final liberation from slavery in the world of illusion. They achieved by the love of God, by falling in love with God. This love allows you to immerse himself in his Flame, in the arms of his love to connect with your sweetheart. This is the only way to achieve the highest spiritual attainment, there are no other ways. This is what God teaches in the history of mankind and teaches now. This is the basic of all major religious systems. But people forget about it, and God will remind them again. One of the problems of people is that God does not listen, but listen to various false pastors, gurus, leaders of many sects. Some of them suggested to men as an object of worship, not God. Others talk about God, but His Teachings pervert the opposite. An example of this is well known, widely promoted sect "yoga," where his supporters - as they were - was suggested that each of them is God, to Him Part coessential Universal God. They "expanded consciousness", and as a constant practice, ask yourself this question: "Who am I?" Answer must be: "Higher Self", "God." The leader and members of the sect knew neither God, nor even the direction in which you seek Him. They recognized, nor repentance, nor the need to improve awareness, nor the love of God: God is what I am! And if I am God, and all my desires and deeds are without blemish, God! They reflect the universal will of God! This large sect produced many primitives, who saw themselves as "gods", primitives who lived by the uncontrolled passions of cancer, who became "legitimatized", "Divine" for them. Sathya Sai Baba, responding once in an interview, rejected the work of this sect and said his "guru" spiritual progress until later, when he stopped his activities . Techniques for developing awareness, the crystallization methods are very dangerous in the sense that if they are to people with knowledge of non-refining or undeveloped intellect and perverted ethics (the characteristics of violence, selfishness), then these people diabolization state in the sense that very direct: they become devils. They transform the devil, condemned to a lot of suffering, but also will lead to the devilish eon of Earth, manifesting it trough their bodies. Therefore, Sathya Sai Baba is strongly recommended not to trust such a "guru", but to become a disciple of God. May God thy guru!No one can put between man and God! Trust in God and He will help! Love for God is the right path

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