Monday, April 18, 2011

Shakeela's singing debut for an upcoming Tamil movie

Shakeel soft porn queen has proven that it is not just about showing skin. She recently recorded a song for an upcoming Tamil movie Shanmugipuram. The film, which will begin production this month, is when you release the audio. One of the songs, the number "Sodaku podu Sornakka, Madaki podu Mangatha" was sung by Shakeel. In Shanmugipuram, the actress will play a Comicand will also appear in a number of dance.

After the wedding, Shakeel said that he would not reject a tender soft porn movie. The actress is in a mode to change her glamorous image, and focuses on making the comic roles. Shakeel is currently operating in three untitled movies Tamil and Malayalam film Teja Bhai. She expressed happiness in acting roles on the nature of its glamorous past.

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