Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ramya not quitting films!

She was an actress Ramya aka Divya Spandana is, who announced that she will move away from her recent films and decision to enter into politics of Karnataka, formally joining theYouth Congress in further fueled speculation that her filmi inning is ends!

But in a recent interview, the actress maintains that she is quitting movies because of her new role as a politician. "I did not tell any one that I would end the industry because of politics. My priorityis acting. I have several projects in the queue that I need to finish.So there is no question of me quitting the film industry,"she said.

She said she joined the Youth Congress in hopes of spreading political awareness among young people. "I just signed up as amember of the Youth Congress. My goal is to increase awareness of youth on political activity. Today's youth can change everything. I have also decided to prepare young people to join the PartyCongress," she said, adding that it still plans to contest elections .

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