Saturday, April 16, 2011

Overall 50 lacks spend for Anna Hazare says Dig vijay

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh today questioned the"huge" funds for 4-day strike against corruption Anna Hazar hungerin Delhi and asked if politicians are wild and can not be members of civil society. Speaking at the Press Club here, said Singh, RS 50lakh was spent for Hazar
Politicians are also members of 'civil society': Digvijay
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"Stir in the Jantar Mantar.

"When we demanded that it should be paid, how much money was spent on organizing the hunger strike Hazar Jantar Mantar in Delhi, and who helped her financially, we were told that R 82 lakh was made from the business sector," he said.
"If the people of civil society, RS 50 lakh spent four days campaigning in the Jantar Mantar, why are the politicians telling them to meet the expenses for contesting the Lok Sabha and assembly elections on time"? Singh said.
He said that the work of finalizing the draft Bill Lokpal can not remain only a few members of civil society and the proposed Bill should also be in the business sector and NGOs.
"Although I am in favor of the Act, the task of finalizing the draft of such an important institution can not be left only a few members of civil society," Digvijay Singh said.
"If Anna Hazar and his colleagues believe that whatever their decision on behalf of civil society is sacred, it is not acceptable," the Congress leader said.
He asked why only selected members of civil society were in the panel (except ministers). "Did the politicians wild? Do not be members of civil society?"
Singh suggested that the editorial committee should invite representatives of all political parties to discuss the Bill and should also consider how the corporate sector and NGOs can be brought within the scope of Lokpal.
He also said that it can not be expected that the project will be completed by civilian members of the public will be accepted as it was. "How can anyone pick the right of elected representatives?
Singh said Hazar was a nice man, but was in the grip of some people who were with him.
Asked whether the politicians were afraid of chance, said: "in general. Ever to touch his feet and do so in future also. But we will not accept the view that all politicians are dishonest and voters.

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