Monday, September 24, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday...

...It's my birthday too, yeah!

In honor of my twenty-something birthday, I’m sending a collective shout-out to all of my readers born between September 23 and October 22. Here’s what had to say about us lovely Libra ladies:

Why you’re wonderful: You’re classic in beauty and style - and quietly balanced in life. You don’t chase; you attract.

Why you’re impossible: Though calm and collected on the outside, you’re sometimes selfish and can’t make up your mind to save your life.

Your month: You haven’t been this head-over-heels in love since your first really good kiss.

Your mission: If it’s a new fling, things could get messy. Coupled? It’s big decision time (think babies or a wedding).

Libras much more famous than us:
Barbara Walters – 9/25
Catherine Zeta-Jones – 9/25
Gwyneth Paltrow - 9/28
Mira Sorvino – 9/28
Naomi Watts – 9/28
Monica Bellucci – 9/30
Julie Andrews – 10/1
Donna Karan – 10/2
Kelly Ripa – 10/2
Gwen Stefani – 10/3
Parminder Nagra – 10/5
Kate Winslet – 10/5
Rachel McAdams – 10/7

For my birthday, my sister bought me the perfect gift for a beauty blogger – a cosmetic bag full of Molton Brown favorites! Thanks, Lauren. I can’t wait to try the products…I plan on getting started tonight. Stay tuned for reviews.

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