Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going To Great Lengths

Think that celebrities’ hair grows faster than us regular folk? Well, guess again. Tress trendsetters, like Jessica Simpson, regularly rely on hair extensions to transform their manes from mundane to magnificent.

"Fake hair is no longer taboo," says L.A. stylist Jonathan Hanousek. "It has become another fashion accessory."

Clip-in extensions are a great way to change the texture of your hair, while adding length and volume – in mere minutes! Clip-ins provide the look of traditional sewn or glue-bonded extensions, without damage to the hair… they’re perfect for your real-life red carpet moments.

Click here to watch Kim Kimble, The Queen of Hair Extensions, show you how to go to great lengths with do-it-yourself clip-in extensions!

Note: If you decide to purchase clip-in extensions, like HairDo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves, be sure to buy human hair – NOT synthetic. Yes, it’s more expensive, but human hair extensions are specially processed so that they can be professionally colored, permed, and/or cut to match your needs. And, unlike synthetic hair, you can wash and use thermal tools on human hair to achieve star style.

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