Monday, August 27, 2007

Resurrecting A Classic

In 1939, Constance Frances Marie Ockelman made her motion picture debut in a film called Sorority House. Director, John Farrow, noticed how the unknown actress’ hair always covered her right eye, creating an air of mystery about her and enhancing her natural beauty. Ockelman was later introduced to Paramount producer Arthur Hornblow Jr., who renamed her Veronica Lake - “Lake” being inspired by the blueness of her eyes, and according to Hornblow, the name Veronica suggesting a classic beauty.

For fall 2007, everything old is new again. On runways and red carpets, old Hollywood reigns supreme with billowy waves and crimson lips reminiscent of Lake.

"Female icons of the '40s were strong and independent yet always flawless," says Pat McGrath, who channeled the decade behind the scenes at Gucci and Valentino.

To replicate this femme-fatale look, consider the following tips.

Lake-like Locks in Six Steps

Step 1: Protect ends, which receive the most exposure to high heat, with serum or a thermal styler. Step 2: Set the entire head in rollers. Step 3: Use a blow-dryer on the highest possible setting, to lock in the curls with heat, and follow with a blast of cold air. Step 4: Undo the rollers, flip your head over, and shake out the curls. Step 5: Define the curls with a large round brush and blow-dryer, paying special attention to the hair around the face. Step 6: Set with hairspray. Try Coiff Bouffant Lifting and Texturizing Spray Gel by Frederic Fekkai.

Cat Eyes Simplified

Look in the mirror, with your face turned at an angle. Pull your lid taut at the corner with your free hand. Then, starting a quarter of the way in, draw a thin line all the way out to your outer corner. Keep the line as close to your lashes as possible. Don’t panic if it’s a little crooked - you’ll be able to fix that later. When you get to the outer corner of your eye, draw the liner out and up to create a little wing, then go back and thicken up the line to correct any mistakes. Follow with two coats of volumizing mascara. Dramatically lined eyes are simple to achieve with CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Liner Pen in Very Black (it's smudgeproof, easy to hold, and it has a precise tip) and Diorshow Mascara.

Screen Siren Smooches…Made Easy

To keep lipstick from bleeding, coat lips in red liner beforehand," says LancĂ´me Artistic Director Gucci Westman, who applied a chocolaty red at Peter Som. Get the look with Nars Lipstick in Fire Down Below and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella.

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