Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mane Attraction

Braids have come a long way since grade school. The trend of the moment uses braids as an accessory, rather than the mane event. Like a garland crown, a single braid woven across the top of the head is romantic. Likewise, it’s a chic alternative to wearing hair accessories.

"Adding a braid or two gives interest and dimension to any hairstyle," says Mathew Soobroy, master stylist at Charles Worthington Salon in New York City. "Don't do the whole head,” he warns. “Find an area and use the braids as a detail."

To take this hairstyle from the runway to the real world, pull hair back into a messy bun and secure with bobby pins. Add a braided piece from the nape of the neck, and wrap around the entire head. Set the braid in place by sticking pins in the braid and connecting to the scalp.*

*If your hair isn’t long enough to braid and snake around the top of your head, substitute a synthetic hair headband like Braidies Thick Braided Headband.

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