Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Out of This World

A few weeks ago, I was at Macy’s with a justifiable excuse…I was shopping for work clothes. How responsible and grown-up of me. Well, before I even reached the pencil skirts and cardigans, I found myself perusing the cosmetic counters. I felt so mature when, after 10 minutes of “just looking”, I headed for the Petites department. That’s when it happened. I was just crossing the threshold into shoes when I saw some sparkles in my peripheral vision. I tried to ignore it, but the sparkles stopped me dead in my tracks and beckoned me back. My glittery nemesis turned out to be Myriade, a Chanel Glossimer from the new Galaxy Collection. “I hope this lipgloss looks hideous on me,” I silently prayed as I unscrewed the cap and tested it on my hand. Dagnabit! The sheer, shimmery fruit punch shade looked even better on my tanned skin than it did in the tube, if that was even possible. Immediately, I turned on my heel and hightailed it out of there – before Myriade could show me any more of her tricks.

I thought I’d done good…until Myriade started haunting my dreams. “You just got paid. You can afford me,” Myriade, the siren, would sing. The next night, Myriade didn’t even say anything…she just sparkled at me. In the last dream, a la “It’s a Wonderful Life”, she showed me how pathetic my existence would be if I didn’t go back to the store and scoop her up. Well that did it…because the next day, on my lunch break, I went to Douglas and wouldn’t leave until I had me some Myriade.

Myriade and I often kid about the great lengths she went to for a sale…she’s sooooo manipulative and melodramatic. But I’ll give her this - while my life wouldn’t have been pathetic without her, she definitely has made it a little more sparkly. And isn’t that all a girl really needs from her lipgloss?

The Glossimer Galaxy Collection includes Myriade and her seven sisters:

Big Bang*

* These limited edition colors are only available through September.

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