Saturday, April 16, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

Most people go to the gym to stay healthy. Others go to work out their frustrations after a long day of stressful. Michael Bay? Sure,that probably goes for those reasons, but when it came toTransformers: Dark of the Moon - a third of a series of extremelylucrative - he used his time to think about the fitness of mass destruction, namely, a special moment in history, in which thebuilding had to be addressed in down.

"When I work with writers, it's about what I want to do, and I neverdid. I ran to the scene, doing stupid fault of the stomach, I'm like, "the scene of the building, oh my God, what I want to do it! "There was no reason [our characters] have to go into the building andfigured out what I wanted to do in this building after. Everything you can imagine the Transformers makes it fun. "

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