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Theen Maar Review Rating: 3.25 / 5

Theen Maar Review 

Maar Theen Review Rating: 3.25 / 5

Banner: The Art of ParameswaraCast: Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti KharbandaMusic: Mani SharmaPhotos: Vincent Jaynan
Story: Trivikram SrinivasProducer: Ganesh BabuDirection: Jayantha C. Paranjee

 Theen Movie Review - Review Theen Maar - Theenmaar Telugu Movie Review: Teen Maar is one of the most anticipated films this year, and why not? Needless to say that Pawan Kalyan is unable to, and how great is his star power. He had a difficult time, but he was not down and out at any time in his career. Pawan Kalyan always shakes made films in the genre of comedy and romance. So, Maar Theen has more reason to raise the level of expectations. Here is a review 
Story:This is a remake of Bollywood hit Love Aaj Kal and the Hindi film title says what this movie is. This is about love ... then and now. Everything changed with the passage of time and human emotion, too. Love is no exception. How to love and lovers, there were three decades ago? How do they get time. Arjun Palvoy (Pawan Kalyan) and Vasumathi (Crete Karbhanda) played a couple of the eighties and love Michael Velayudham (Pawan) and Meera (Trisha) are a pair of love our time. Arjun has to face the wrath of the customs and needs to convince parents who think that love is a crime. Michael has overcome his mistake and realize their true love for Meera.This is a summary of the story.
Analysis:When he said, as two different stories, Theen Maar does not seem interesting movie. But when these two stories are beaten together proved to be attractive and interesting fare. Thanks to the Director that does not include many characters and too much melodrama, this film is suitable for our masses. He has stuck to the original core material, and the rest was done by Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram.
Teen Maar begins on dull note. technical errors, such as "dubbing the place" to a Michael marred the proceedings. When everything seemed so bleak, and when the movie plot goes down to the speed of the rocket, and then entered character.And Arjun Palvoy is henceforth film went on to the next level with a total of fun with a few hiccups in the middle. Climax is the heart of this film and that is where Theen Maar assessment brownie points.
Pawan Kalyan fans certainly will ablast from this movie. Families and young people have many elements, and feel that it is worth watchingWe have to wait and see how the masses like this.

Performances:Pawan Kalyan is the best setting two different roles. He is very energetic and powerful as Michael and Arjun. This is easily one of his best performances to date. His Italian is fun. His dances are in order. Excelled in the role to the climax, and proved that he is at home doing such roles. It is out and out show a man with Pawan.Trisha did her part well. But looked at several old scenes.Kharbanda Crete is in order. Care should be taken on makeup.Paresh Rawal is good in his role. Mukesh Rushi and Sonu Sood are reliable. Ali scene. The rest of the star cast supported the flow of history.
Technical details:Dialogues by Trivikram assets. His subtle changes in the script are great. Trivikram gave Midas Touch for this movie especially in the final. Mani Sharma Music is another bonus. Almost all the songs are good on the screen. Vincent J. cinematography is good. Editing is okay. Only major problem is with the sound mix during the first thirty minutes. Spot voice has not been done properly. They should have avoided him safely to a better quality.production values ​​are rich. Direction by Jayantha is smooth. He did not do anything stupid and stuck to the basics. He proved once again that he can handle a remake of the movie.
Plus:- Productivity Pawan Kalyan- Trivikram dialogues- Music

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