Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sivaji's Kolimi on Telangana

After Jai Bolo Jagapathi Babu in Telangana, another film based on the traffic Telangana is preparing to launch in Tollywood.

According to sources, another film in Tollywood actor Sivaji Kolimi directed by Nagendra, who previously directed Pratyusha, based on the motion Telangana. It is produced by Lavanya Reddy and UmaParvathi entitled Charitha Creations.

Director Nagendra said the filim will deal with the sentements of telangana pepole and their struggles for sepparate statehood. The filim also has two big heroes in guest roles. Dailogues are by Niyoga and cenemautogrphy by Muzeer Mallik. The filim is expected to go on floors shortly.

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