Thursday, April 7, 2011

Satya Sai Baba is doing good

Puttaparthi: "Thank God! Satya Sai Baba is doing good," a devotee of the U.S. informed her anxious family members at home. She made the call after hearing the latest health bulletin issued by the Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at the spiritual leader of the state here on Thursday.
The exemption was written on the large (not her real name), Justine’s face. "Just like me, Puttaparthi the agony the past few days, back to normal, “she said, summing up the mood in the city.
Puttaparthi, which were in a virtual curfew, with empty streets and downed shutters for this morning, was actually returning to work in the afternoons. Devotees thronged Prashanti Nilayam in good numbers, greetings, on the road with their habit, Sai Ram.
Sai Baba House resounded with prayers, as before, and a group of almost 100 men and women took Nagara Sankeertan too. Sensing the mood changes, shopkeepers were quickly opened the door and quiet streets, once again full of activity.
"When the doctors announced that the state is stable Baba gaveus confidence that the recovery is on track.
Over the past three days, almost all services, including the supply of milk, have been voluntarily suspended, "Vijay Kumar restaurant owner told Express. APSRTC infectious optimism also led to the resumption of services in a phased manner to the relief of fansstranded in Anantapur. Many of them come from distant places , at the news of Baba's disease, but were forced to remain in Anantapur due to the suspension of transportation services.
"As soon as I heard that Baba bad, I went from  Bangalore to Puttaparthi.
Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Anantapur on buses leave them alone, even cabs were available, "Janardhan Reddy, a lecturer, he said. However, the police continue to enforce the restrictions, erecting barricades and deployment of workers in different parts of the city. We learn additional forces may be placed in a day or two.

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