Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba present Health condition

Sathya Sai Baba present Health condition

People flocked to the Muslim house of a devotee in Puttaparthi, where the idol of Baba said that came Jasmine fragrant oil."incident" flashed by the local news channels kept the health of a patient with the media focus of the spiritual guru for some time.

Raheem aka Sai Kalakar idol said to have made three months ago and kept in a separate room in his rented apartment near the wheel Ganesh. Although he and his wife, Subha are devout Muslims, his activities reportedly increased after he began doing portraits, posters, and idols of Baba. "Around  6 am, I was attracted by the smell coming from the hall Baby. When  the light turned, I noticed that Baba's body sweating like a man," says Subha.

According to her, initially saw the liquid perfume from the foot of Baba and began flowing after a while.

Then warn the husband and the home owner, a retired Tahasildar,Narayanaswamy. Devotees also noticed that there was no sweaton my face baby. They gathered in a perfume bottle and a few scarves and dipped their hands to take the potion like a wonderfull blessing of Baba.

"If  the wax melted by the heat of summer would be distorted idol, nothing like that happened. This idol is made ​​of plaster and jute, and I swear to God, as a true Muslim, do not have to play with Hindu sentiments, " Raheem told reporters.

Idol Babas stopped the release of liquid after it was shifted to the ground floor of a housing estate.

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