Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba: The Living God

As news of the death spread Sathya Sai Baba on Sunday, the city was plunged into mourning. Special prayers were held by the devotees and vibhuti was distributed among the people. Bhajans Sai Baba has played, and hundreds of temples, prayer sessions held in the house, burning incense and candles. Some even equated the spiritual leader away from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because it coincided with Easter.
Cassettes and CDs famous bhajan Baby gurucharanam bhajare Manasa, tharanam bhavasagara dushtara (O mind, meditate on the lotus feet of Lord), was constantly played in temples and homes of believers. Some believed that Godman, known for his miracles, he smiled even more broadly with the photographs, indicate, say, his after leaving his earthly body, but that it will continue to live.
One was crying and praying devotees at Geeta Bhavan, in addition to Deshapriya Park is located in Sai Baba temple. "We know that is not supposed to cry, because he always tell us that there is nothing called death. It's just a transition. But we can not stop," said Vijaya Nair, a devotee.
Dancer Amala Shankar, mourning the loss of our beloved Baba, said: "I survived the death of my son because of the strength that Baba gave me. But now there is a vacuum that will never fill up. I do not know how to cope with the loss." "The fact I'm in good shape and have the strength to do even at this age clearly shows that Baba is not a specially blessed me, "93-year-old said. Amala, including children and Ananda Mamata and Tanusree daughter, became followers of Baba 14 years ago.
Amala, the widow of the great dancer Uday Shankar, that gave all 360 musical instruments, specially designed by Uday Shankar, the Baby set-up in Puttaparthi, because the trust and the museum was planned with them.
Tanusree, who visited Baba Puttapurthy a blessing every time she get her team on trips abroad, said he planned on life of dance Baby. She already has two popular musicals, Uddharan and the pursuit of peace, based on the life and preaching of Sai.
On Thursday, a special prayer sessions will be organized throughout the city, since the day of the week is traditionally considered a day of Sai.
Shahs of Beltala, Bhowanipore, planning a trip to Puttapurthi special prayers. 
Family business, say they were successful in all the blessings of Baba. "I can not believe that Baba is gone. We were religion Baba as God for ever and Puttapurthi visit at least once a year," said Pulin Shah, owner of transport company.

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