Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rana Daggubati was intrested in Bipasa

He is not alone in falling for Bipasha Basu, taking into account the fact that the actress has one of the hottest bodies in town. But whatwas surprising is the fact that Rana Daggubati decided to speak about it in the open, and did not mince words.

Rana chemistry and Bipasha is said to be due to leakage off-screen. There are many rumors about the two. From almost the life of John Bipasha, it seems, Rana makes his move on this seductiveactress and is getting it right so far.

So, recently, while promoting the film, when asked about his colleagues Rana-star Bipasha Basu is what he had to say, "I think she is one of the strongest ladies I've ever seen in my life and work with it is one of the best things that happened to me. When I met her first day of shooting, I was new as an actor, but she is already so long and she did not feel up to the spot. I had a high comfort levelworking with her. "

With Rana Bips in awe at the moment, let's hope that their on screen chemistry, the public gets a much-needed head.

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