Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rajamouli's father manhandled by central crime station

Director SS Rajamouli's father Vijayendra Prasad-writer has requested the National Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on Tuesday, claiming that he was manhandled by the Central Crime Station (CCS) police on the basis of a false complaint lodged by the manufacturer (former MLA), Venkat Rao Chengala SHRC acting President K. pedagogical Peri Reddy came CCS Commissioner to submit a detailed report on this matter on May 9.
In his petition, Vijayendra Rao Venkat Prasad claimed that he made a false complaint to the CCS and was to sign on checks worth Rs. 60 lakhs in the presence of CCS. Prasad also said that a team of officers, including the CCS Assistant Commissioner and Inspector J. Satyanarayana Sharath, beat him up on April 16 and threw himself on his abuse.
"I gave Venkat Rao history in 2004. Do not use this story, nor do I pay for it. When I asked him about it, that he made false against me," Prasad alleged.
"Police CCS appeared in about 6 am on April 16 and lasted writer CCS police station. They are beaten, abused, and he took off his clothes, treating them inhumanly. They took control and money, but he was to sign the MoU that gave control voluntarily. This is a treatment he got for asking about its history back, "said the writer of the Varaprasad. Vijayendra Prasad Rao and Venkat worked together in Samarasimha Reddy.
Meanwhile, Satyanarayana denied these allegations. He said that the accusation was a ploy to hamper the investigation. He said that the police registered a case against the CCS Vijayendra Prasad on April 11, after a private complaint Venkat Rao.
"The writer was Rs. 60 lakhs by check from the manufacturer Chengala Venkat Rao promised to deliver a story in the film. He has given neither the story he gave the money and threatened the manufacturer will have serious consequences when he asked for money, and Venkat Rao made the case in court, Mr Satyanarayana he said. 

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