Friday, April 8, 2011

Mani Ratnam approaches Priyanka

Maverick director Mani Ratnam in the film adaptation epicnovel,
   Kalki "Ponniyin Selvan" is getting bigger and better. After several
   films with elements of history and mythology, this time ACE Director
   intends to become fully adapted from the novel.

Vijay plays a brave warrior Vallavarayan Vandiya they an  and Mahesh Babu
   King will play Aditha Karikalan. Arya  will Arulmozhi Varman in the film,
   that as the younger sister Anushka Mahesh Babu and Vijay's love interest.
   Now the latest news that the director went to the  Bollywood diva Priyanka
Chopra to play a prominent role in the film.

"Ponniyin Selvan" is widely regarded as the greatest novel ever written in Tamil.
   Travel with the fate of the Chola Empire in the 10thcentury. The story goes on
   in Vandiyathevan, charming young man who comes to earth Chola, to
deliver a message from the throne Aditya Karikalan.

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