Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honda 150r new model

Photo of the New CBR 150R came to Thailand .. So it is speculated the new Honda bike for India? More importantly, there will be a 250 cc variant of the same bike, India or will it be the same 150 cc for India too? 

Just a few days back I had posted about 250 cc speculated that Honda is India prepared to launch very soon. According to the latest development, it is learned that the couple car journos from India are invited by Honda to Thailand.
Thailand is a country where Honda CBR 125R produced a model that is exported to Europe, and the CBR 150R to cater to the domestic Thai market.
Now when you start Yamaha YZF R125 in Europe, Honda CBR 125R was definitely looking quite outdated. Update was required from the pictures shown below, it looks like Honda CBR 150R updated. CBR 150R was officially unveiled and test drive for journos will go to the date of October 30'th

Which model for India?
Is it the same CBR 150R is being considered for India as well? Or whether India will receive a 250 cc variant of the basis (as previously speculated), on the same platform? Or you may not be entirely new model 250/300 cc for India?
There are many questions .. and it looks like an answer will come only after the Indian journos attend the launch / test drive in Thailand. 

By the way Honda CBR 150R New speculated to be the price of 75,900 Bhat (Thai currency), which when converted into Indian rupess about 1.10-1.15 lakh mark. What if Honda can not match the price in India, CBR 150R puts the bang of the Yamaha R15 ..!
If Honda decides to launch in India, CBR 150R Yamaha then you should apply the new CBR 150R R15 looks amazing for 150 cc bikes ..! 

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