Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has signed on for the upcoming Odd Thomas, Variety reports. Read more: Gugu Mbatha-Raw Joins Odd Thomas -

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has signed for the next Odd Thomas, reportsVariety.

The film is based on the character created by author Dean Koontzand functions of the seer with the power to (but not hear) dead.First appearing in 2003, "Odd Thomas" character returned for the next three books, "Forever Odd", "Brother Odd"and "Odd Hours"as well as for two graphic novels.

Mbatha-Raw's role is undetermined, but it will join Anton Yelchin in the title role of Addison Timlin from the role of girls and ThomasPatton Oswalt in a supporting role. may (but not confirmed) cast also includes Willem Dafoe and Nico Tortorella.

The film will be directed by Stephen Sommers, who is also theSommers Co. production, along with partners John Howard FusionFilms and Baldecchi Kaplan.

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