Sunday, April 3, 2011

Galatta Cinema’s 4th Anniversary Special

It's been four years? It just seems like the fact that our first print issue of Galatta Cinema! But what the trip was wonderful. People whom I met, friends we made and lessons learned. Thank you, and everybody - readers, writers, guest officers and members of the film! We thrive on your love and support.
This anniversary we decided to go for it! This is a celebration of great people who are in the cinema to add bling and zing to the biz. In addition to the regular dose of goop movies, we bring you all the add-in honor of the big wigs in tinselville and potential biggies, too! Shriya With our favorite gal on the cover, the main question will take you through a regular driving filmi news and views. If you adored glam-gal Shriya who adorned our history includes a few issues ago, ready to dazzled by the lady in bridal wear Erum Ali.Beautiful, brilliant and dazzling adjectives are inadequate at this point ...
There are plenty of films waiting for release, and if it is too caught up with Cricket World Cup and have not been tracking the goings Movieland, a magician will bring you up to date with many promote the film. The king of them all is our Ponnar Shankar (back) cover.Actor Prashanth make huge returns with this historical film directed by his father Thiyagarajan. Learn everything you need to know about this mammoth case set in gold and swords.
The road to the power-packed supplement mentioned earlier ... If you manage to bypass the cheeky brilliance Suriya on the cover, check out the pages of your favorite movie stars from the South.We had a difficult time choice, but the act had to be done. Who are these celebs who have power, who noted Tinseltown who fill the theaters and rake moolah? Galatta Cinema provides a quick glance at these people act.
Two fab book and includes three scrumptious stories - get pop-corn and coca-cola diet! Sit back and enjoy the mega-multi-starrer with the Galatta Media!

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