Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Dum Dum Maro"

The Committee set up a high level by the government to watch list "Dum Dum Maro" is about second thoughts on screening after the verdict, the Supreme Court. 

The Committee headed by Information Secretary Rajiv Verma decided to watch the control of pre-release movie in Maquinez Palace Theatre and express their opinion to the Board and the State Government censor, whether or not it is offensive to the image of Goa. 

But the Committee is now a waste of time in this case the High Court bench on Monday rejected the petition filed by the media, non-professional look of the film. 

"There is no need to see the movie now. Even the committee chairman, is currently on an official visit to the station in Delhi," Director of the Department of Information and Publicity Menino Peres, he said. 

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, a week ago was a high-level panel to watch the video before its release on April 22 to ensure that the video does not show in Goa in a negative light and hurt feelings of people. 

The Committee was created after the Goa State Commission for Women filed a complaint with police against the filmmakers Goan derogatory references to women in the film. Digambar Kamat Chief Minister, when contacted, told the Herald that they will examine the High Court before taking any decision. 

"We will decide on anything just after hearing the court order," he said. Star Fox Studio International Private Limited, officials told reporters that the film can not be checked before the committee on Monday that not all members are in Goa. 
Distributors do not have any obligation on the organization of watching the movie by the committee, as several members were either in Delhi and Mumbai. 

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