Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr.Safaya says about Satya Saibaba's Health Condition

Ptaparthiut: Director of Satya Sai Super-Hospital said Sunday doctors at the hospital were totally in the dark about the health of Saibaba before March 28, when he was admitted in critical condition there.

This has led to speculation in the ongoing tussle between the various forces at work in Prashanti Nilayam, the ashram of spiritual head.
"We have no idea what drugs were given Saibaba before he was brought to Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS). We are keeping his card only, from 28 marca''powiedziaƂ Safaya, director SSSIHMS in a press conference on Sunday.
Saibaba said, health is still a concern and that it could take another three weeks in the hospital. "Although the infection has come, I can not breathe without a respirator,''he said.
Sattya Saibaba said Safaya will not be shifted back to the Prashanti Nilayam in two weeks as announced by the Sai Central Trust. "I have no idea about the trust plans to transfer him to the ashram. Do not allow him to be moved, as his condition is very serious,''he said.
This is contrary to the recent publication of the confidence that claimed Saibaba will be released and returned to the Yajurveda Mandir at the ashram.
On the criticism that the hospital has demonstrated personal favoritism Satyajit Saibaba is a helper, allowing him inside the ICU Safaya said that he, who allowed Satyajit.
"He is very near Saibaba as he cares for all his needs. Saibaba is more attached to Satyajit immedidate than his family members,''said defense Satyajit predecessors which have become the focus over the past few days. He did not say the food or drug directly by Satyajit to Saibaba.
Sources said one of Dr. Ayyar, a cardiologist from Bangalore, was taking care of medical needs Saibaba in the past few months, before they became ill.
Director, medical education, Raviraj said that the best treatment is given to Saibaba. "But you can not predict when he would recover fully,''he said. Saibaba He suffers liver and jaundice.
Anantapur Collector B Janardhan Reddy said, pulmonologist, cardiologist and critical care experts in the U.S. fell for the treatment of Baba. "His condition is still critical, new health problems are cropping up. But the doctors provide the best possible treatment,''he said. Saibaba turned 20 on Sunday, day in hospital.Saibaba ended on Sunday, his 20th day in hospital.

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