Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dreams & Sleeping Habits

Hi Lovlies~ Today the topic of dreams gets stock in my mind. I don’t know how often you dream, but I dream EVERYDAY! I never really try to find out ‘why’ we dream. I know I used to try to find out what my dream means~ but not anymore since I forget the dream unless I try hard to recall it right after I wakeup. 

Other than having different kind of vivid dreams~ I also experience many levels of dreams ( watch “Inception"! it’s just like that! lol) & also I talk and sometimes scream in my dream ( > _ < )’’ 

supposed to be a kitty screaming but she doesn’t really look like it.. 

I did a quick search and I am pretty sure all my sleeping activities are normal for me. Since I don’t scream that often or lengthy and I do not say profanity in dreams ( if you do, you might have a sleeping disorder). Most people suggest that nightmares comes from stress & I guess I would have to somewhat agree to that. I used to have nightmares EVERY NIGHT during college years.. so I don’t know.. maybe I was really stressed?! haha. I still have nightmares I think, but not as often now. 

Running away from monsters.. scary scary?! lol

A lot of times I also realize I am half asleep. I remember clearly one time that I was having a nightmare & I really want to scream for help. At the same time I realize I was dreaming & if I screamed I know I would’ve screamed in real life and woken myself up! ( & that’s exactly what happened) 

Sometimes I think dreams are really interesting~ It can be a kind of message sometimes. Like for sure, I already had TWO dream come true in real life.. one of them is about my hubby which I had the dreams YEARS before I actually met him, kinda cool huh?! ^^”

What are your sleeping habits? Did any of your dreams came true?

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

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