Saturday, April 16, 2011

Canon 310 hs

Canon today unveiled an amazing new IXUS 310 HS - IXUS latesttouch screen, which combines an excellent low-light capabilities, Full HD video recording and photographic company's control in a stunning stainless steel. Designed for users who want excellentperformance and styling, HS IXUS 310 delivers superior image quality and a host of advanced features, making it easy to captureclear images and stunning 1080p.

Canon HS system and bright, ultra-wide angle lens with opticalImage Stabilizer allows users to capture scenes of fantastic quality.enhanced version of the intuitive touch interface of Canon offersgreater control over the images and movies and a new dedicatedvideo record icon allows you to quickly switch the image and movie recording. The combination of premium specification anddistinctive styling IXUS, IXUS 310 HS is an ideal compact camerafor any situation - whether capturing beautiful sunsets on vacation,the atmosphere of the city at night or fun portraits of his friends for the evening.

Ultimate low-light The system allows the inclusion of HS HS IXUS 310 offers the highest performance. High-sensitivity CMOS 12.1Megapixel in combination with Canon's DIGIC 4 image processor, to form the HS system and implement the highest possible image quality, image capture with much less noise under all conditions.Dynamics are improved, and users can take sharp, blur-free images in low light scenes, which usually demand support flash.
HS IXUS 310 features a genuine Canon 24mm ultra-wide angle, 4.4x optical zoom with a bright f/2.0 maximum. In addition to providing greater flexibility in lens design allows shooting at faster shutter speeds to be used, earning the maximum amount of ambient light for good visibility, pictures of nature. Users can also shoot with shallow depth of field than most compact cameras for a more attractive and creative photo portrait macro. 4-stop optical Image Stabilizer stabilizes the light passing through the lens, anti-shake and image blurring that can occur when shooting at slow shutter speeds or in tele-end of the zoom.
Working together, the HS system, the lens f / 2,0 and advanced optical image stabilizer is the ultimate tool for sharper and clearer picture results in all lighting conditions - especially in low light.
fingertip control, intuitive interface Large, 8.0 cm (3.2 "), resolution 460 thousand dot-Touch PureColor II LCD offers excellent contrast and color rendition, wide viewing angle for easier framing and playback. Advanced Canon customizable touch screen interface allows for different settings icon camera to be arranged depending on the user's preferences. Touch sets the focus area AF with a simple touch, a touch of Control Shares offer an easy and intuitive way to operate the camera with a simple request gestures used for various functions, such as shaking by the library, or change the settings on the screen.

Full HD is easy HS IXUS 310 owners can record everything in a unique moment of excellent quality, making Full HD movie recording with stereo sound. Optical zoom can also be used in shooting and Smart cars in the film offers additional support, optimization settings for the camera in accordance with the scene and conditions.
Dynamic image stabilizer is also included, it enables more stable shooting and Smoother video - even if the material is shot when walking or sitting in a moving car. For behind the scenes, the story about the day's images, the new film Digest feature automatically records up to four seconds of video before taking a picture, and then assembles all the clips on the role, bonus spontaneous, funny videos.
Users can now record video in a format iFrame, which does not require transcoding from imported - at a faster and simpler to transfer and edit footage. HDMI-CEC compatibility allows the camera to be connected to an HDTV, and controlled by a remote control, making it easier to enjoy moments captured on the big screen. 

High speed photos The inclusion of many high-speed CMOS sensor allows the shooting functions that offer greater flexibility. Best Image Selection high-speed sequence shooting five shots, all the frames of evaluation and selection of the best to be stored on a memory card. IXUS 310 HS can shoot full resolution images at up to 3.4 frames per second and 8.2 shots per second at a reduced, resolution of 3.0 MP at High-Speed ​​Burst. Handheld Night Scene mode allows capturing multiple shots of the same scene, before turning them together creates an image with minimal blurring, and the best exposure.
IXUS 310 HS also has a Super Slow Motion Movie mode, allowing users to slow down the fast action, as a dry sports - capturing the scene at VGA resolution at 120 frames per second (fps) or 320x240 at 240fps. Play-back 30 frames per second enables users to analyze traffic, such as a golf swing or to add drama and atmosphere is fast-paced action.
Control and creativity More advanced users will appreciate the control aperture and shutter priority modes offered by the Av and Tv, while for those who prefer the simplicity of point-and-shoot, the latest Smart Auto mode can detect up to 32 scenes, capturing well-exposed images Handwithout changing the camera settings. New advanced detection technology allows the camera to the topic detection and tracking of a man not even moving objects, and Servo AF / AE ensures it is still in-focus and properly exposed, until the pictures.
For those who want to experiment with their shots, six of creative shooting modes offer the freedom and flexibility to create different effects. In addition to the fish-eye effect, Super Poster Vivid and effect, the new Toy Camera images gives the effect of a pinhole camera retro feel, and creates a monochromatic atmospheric shots with sepia, black and white or other monochrome tones.
the effect of the popular Canon Thumbnails can be used for movies and photos, recording 1.5, 3 or 6 frames per second in the film create a sense of time-lapse video on a small scale model. Multi-Aspect also allows you to capture shots of individual original image in 3:2, 4:3, 1:1 and 16:9, wanted to create the effect, from the outset. 

For even more flexibility, Smart Shutter easier for the user to bepart of the image. Face detection technology, the shutter can betriggered by a wink, a smile or a new face is detected in the scene.

Sharing stories with CANON iMAGE GATEWAY
HS IXUS 310 owners can join the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, anonline facility to share photos and video. Users can take advantage of 2 GB of personal, creating enough space forhundreds of photos of high quality. Mobile internet access is alsosupported, making it easier for family and friends to view photos in motion.

IXUS 310 HS - key features:

HS System (12.1 MP)
f/2.0, 24mm, 4.4x zoom. Optical
Stainless steel body
8.0 cm (3.2 ") PureColor LCD II Touch
Full HD with optical zoom. Dynamic
Smart Car (32 scenes)
High-speed Burst & Super Slow Motion Movie
Movie Summary
iFrame Video
Creative and manual control

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