Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan support Anna Hazare

Aamir Khan, Bollywood support Anna Hazar
In response to krytykę''Kongresu that his protest is "premature, "said ministry authorities "malicious slander" when cornered, andasserted that there was a person who can be "initiated" in the history of an indefinite fast.
As soon began on Tuesday, people from different backgroundsincluding students, elderly people, actors, businessmen andactivists converged on Jantar Mantar, a hotspot of protests in the capital, to support the motion.
But some politicians like Ajit Singh, Uma Bharti and OP Chautala, who wanted to cause a social activist and involved in the increase ofit, I was screaming by his supporters and had to make a rapidretreat. Hazar said that the hunger strike for an indefinite period is not a political tone.

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