Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scolding my friend.... & updates

Hihi, today a funny thing happened. 

I ordered checks for my company but the bank didn’t process it for over 2 weeks! I was frustrated because the lack of check so I kinda scolded the girl on the phone. Today I went to pick up the check and realize the person I spoke to on the phone was a friend! Although I am not super close with her, she’s pretty close to one of my friends, so it was kinda funny & how she remember that I scolded her on the phone.. ha. ha... >_<

I am usually not a mean person at all ( seriously) So I guess I felt a little bit bad about it. oh wellz ^^” The bad thing is that the checks they order did not look the the check we had before. soo.. ehhh. I can foresee another battle with the checks! >_<.. ahhh...

One other suxie thing happened was that I got charged for late payment for my credit card! ahhh! Very not happy about it. But after trying to have them reverse the fee for 3 times, and all got rejected I guess I kinda give up. Hopefully I can just pay off this credit card soon so I don’t have to worry about late payments anymore. Too many credit card is not good! Too many deadlines to remember >_<!!!

ahha.. I notice I use a lot of >_< face today.. oh wellz.. hopefully all frustration goes away tmr.. as supposedly they promise promise promise that it will be done TMR! Please GOD let it be true! n let my car be fixed properly n pretty please! >_<!!!!!

Are you having a good day today? One more day until weekend~~~~~ !! Oh and next weekend is the long weekend ~~~ 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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