Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!! Custom Japanese Deco Mirror!!!! Personally made by ME to U !!!

Hi Lovlies! I decided to give this very personal and custom giveaway; personally designed and made by Me to YOU! The following pictures are sample of what you will receive if you dont’ have any custom design in mind that you want me to do. If you do have custom design in mind, such using your initials on the mirror. etc, you can negotiate it with me when you win!
The mirror inside include regular mirror and magnify mirror. The difference is more obvious in person than the photo presented. 

Sample of a different style Deco Mirror.

*** click here for FB entry only ***  ( for FB entry only if you don’t have blogger. Like my FB fan page, share the link for the giveaway and enter in my fan page Enter me under the link. = 3 Entries )

* * * fill out the form here * * * Click here to open form in new window for better view

Alright? Easy enough? I gave you plenty of opportunities to enter multiple entries!!! Please use them!

Winner will receive one custom mirror, Deadline : April 9th 2011. 

Winner will be determined by random. 

Open internationally. 

Good Luck!!!

** PS: does anyone know how I can make this form smaller so it fits in my post?! I tried to fix it but it didn’t work.. err, thx in advance for any suggestions ^^ **

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo 

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