Monday, August 31, 2009

Lancome Hypnose Mascara: Boom Batter, My Lashes Are Getting Fatter

This past weekend, Mr. Spoiled Pretty and I attended our friends’ wedding. Though my Audrey Hepburn-inspired cocktail dress was darling and my coiff was looking uncharacteristically on point, it was my Bambi lashes that elicited the most compliments from my better half.

“Your eyelashes look amazing,” he said, at least three times during the night. At first, I was a little skeptical. I mean, when was the last time you got a compliment on your lashes from a guy who didn’t idolize Cher and sweat glitter (to steal a phrase from my gal, Amber)?

At first, I thought Graham’s flattery might have been the result of the Glenlivet he was sipping at the reception. But when I stopped in the ladies loo and spied myself in the mirror, I realized that the compliments were well-deserved.

What was my secret? I’ll tell you. Swipe on Lancome’s Oscillation Powerbooster lash primer, from root to tip. And while it’s still wet, paint on a coat of Lancome Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. Hypnose Drama’s s-shaped brush paints on inky goodness, resulting in fanned out, eye-popping, full body fringe. The formula is on the thin side, which means that it won’t dry out, or worse - leave your lashes a clumped up mess. I adore how the applicator grasps even my stumpiest, non-existent baby lashes and transforms them into their best selves.

Hypnose Drama is, by far, the best mascara on the market right now and it is absolutely worth every penny of its $24.50 price tag. But if you want to up the proverbial ante and elicit stares and compliments galore, you’ll dig deeper into your wallet and buck up for the primer too.

Lancome Powerbooster and Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara are available at Sephora.

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Q&A With Lana Horochowski, Mad Men's Makeup Department Head

Q: You’re the new department head at Mad Men for Season 3, will you be making any changes to any characters makeup?

A: Since we are moving a little forward into the future, we have changed up the color palette for each character to go along with the time period.

Q: When you were preparing for this season, did you do any research for inspiration? If so, what most inspired you?

A: Weeks and weeks of meetings and research. I love looking through the old magazines. They are a great reference and a huge source of inspiration; however, we do try to keep the characters looking like real people that do their own makeup and not like movie stars with a makeup artist standing by. Magazines and old movies are a great guideline for a basic look and color selection.

Q: How would you describe the looks of each one of the characters? How do they differ?

A: Joan Holloway- always put together, very sassy and sexy

Betty Draper- although she is a housewife she is an ex model, so her makeup is clean but very current for the period

Peggy Olson- Peggy is a young and fresh faced business woman of that period, she is a very clean natural makeup

Q: What are your key products for creating the makeup looks for the main female characters?

A: Joan Holloway- We do a heavier eye on Christina, so the key products would be eyeliner and strip lashes.

Betty Draper- Betty has 2 distinct looks, her at home look and her going out/evening look. For home she is very natural, basically a sheer foundation, think black eyeliner and mascara. Evening Betty goes a little thicker on the liner and a brighter lipstick, but aalways coordinated with her clothing.

Peggy Olson- Since the key to Peggy’s look is to appear as though she is wearing no makeup, a great foundation is super important. Also, a natural cheek and lip stain is applied to give her a little color.

Q: What are your favorite MAC products for each character?

A: Joan Holloway- Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle, Fluidline in Blacktrack and Rich Ground, brown and black, and Eye Shadow in Soft Brown.

Betty Draper- Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle, Blushcreme in Posey, and Lipstick in Vegas Volt, Lip Pencils in Redd and Cherry.

Peggy Olson- Eye Shadow in Orb, Vanilla, and Soft Brown and Blot Powder.

Q: Everyone always notices the lips on the show, but brows seem to play a very important part to the look.
Can you talk about the brows on the show?

A: Women of the 60's had a stricter code of style and etiquette, so people tended to follow the trends closer to the book. Nowadays, women have a variety of different brow styles so we are constantly tweezing, shaping, and filling the brows to recreate the look of the period.

Each character has the most perfect lashes framing her eyes. What are your favorite lashes to use to get that perfectly plump line of lashes?

A: We love the MAC individual lashes as well as the traditional strip lashes.

Q: Do you collaborate with the hair and costume departments when coming up with a look.

A: Absolutely! We have at least 3 meetings per episode to create the look as a unit. I could not do this show without Lucia Mace (hair), Janie Bryant (costumes), and my fabulous key Ron Pipes!

Q: There seems to be a lot of making out on the show, how many times do you have to redo those red lips? Does it get messy?

A: We do what we can to seal the lip color, but we still have to go in every take to perform a minor clean up.

Q: What can real women take away from the show’s look and incorporate into their everyday look?

A: Well, a great start would be lining the top lash line only with a gel liner like MAC Fluidline. We love this product for recreating the perfect 60's eye. Also, replacing gloss and sheer or shimmer lipsticks with matte reds, bright pinks, and corals help create a more retro look. Lastly, instead of a powder blush try using creme in pinks and corals to create a flushed looking cheek. For evening, strip lashes are always a bonus.

Hearst Launches

Hearst Magazines Digital Media, a unit of Hearst Magazines, will introduce, a new website dedicated to providing comprehensive content on all things beauty-related. The site will cover both inner and outer beauty, featuring topics including hair, makeup, skin, body and fragrance, as well as diet and exercise, stress relief, sleeping better, eating well and other wellness subjects. Hearst anticipates that will quickly become a top 10 beauty destination online. will roll out a beta version in September 2009. In November, a unique personalization feature called “The Beauty Book” will be unveiled on the site, marking its official launch. The Beauty Book, an innovative new personalization tool not found on any other beauty sites, will provide consumers with customized beauty and wellness information, product recommendations and advice based on their characteristics, such as age, ethnicity and hair color, and on their preferences for specific content, products and beauty techniques. Consumers will be able to port their Beauty Book across the Hearst Network to sites such as and, as well as to select social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Visitors to the beta site will be able to sign up for a Beauty Book and will then be notified when the function goes live.

Nicole Stagg, founding editor of, says: “Our research has shown that women are looking for a highly personalized site that covers all aspects of beauty. This led to the development of’s editorial voice as well as our proprietary ‘Beauty Book’ toolbar, which will allow site visitors to get beauty advice and information targeted specifically at them.”

Content channels on will consist of key categories that include hairstyles & color, skin & makeup, body & mind, diet & fitness, and shopping. In addition, the site will feature relevant beauty advice for all ethnicities (e.g. African-American, Asian, Latina, South Asian/Indian, Caucasian, etc.), ages (e.g. teens 20s through 60s), all life stages (e.g. single, married), styles (e.g. everyday, special occasions) and budgets. will feature content from Hearst Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Redbook and Good Housekeeping, as well as partners including Hype Hair, Latina, and other original content that will enable the site to delve deeper into subjects such ethnic-based beauty.

Visit and enter your email address to be notified when they officially launch.

Rajini’s brother clears the air

Rajinikanth’s elder brother Sathyanarayana Rao on Sunday said that the Superstar would make an announcement on his political plans after the release of his forthcoming film ‘Yanthram’.
Speaking to reporters in Tiruchy, where he attended a function organised by Rajini fan clubs, Sathyanarayana said, “Rajini’s full concentration is now on ‘Yanthram’. He has been working hard for the movie. He would make a decision on his political entry after the completion of the film.”
Stating that he was not in Tiruchy to hold any consultation but to attend a function organised by fan clubs, the Superstar’s elder brother said the matinee idol would make a right decision (on political entry) and announce it at a right time.
At the function, a CD titled ‘Makkal Manam Kavarndha Mannan’

Pazhassi Raja

Hariharan-M.T. Vasudevan-Mammootty team's much-awaited biopic magnum opus historical film Pazhassi Raja, being made in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, will go before the Censors on August 31 (Monday) at Thiruvananthapuram Regional Censors. Pazhassi Raja is expected to hit screens on September 18.
Produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner of Gokulam Films, the film has Mammootty playing the title role of legendary ruler and warrior Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, who took on the British in the forests of Malabar in the 18th century.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Dark Side In YRB Magazine

Kim Kardashian has a dark side...and, no surprise, it's absolutely gorgeous. Just peep these pics from the new issue of YRB Magazine.

"My YRB Magazine shoot just came out and I am loving the results," Kim shared on her blog.

"I love the photog, Mike Ruiz, and my stylist Darius Baptist was amazing! The always wonderful Troy Jensen did my makeup!! This shoot was done the day I left for Africa. I really love the transformation and the clothes were amazing!!! This has got to be one of the most unique shoots I've ever done! Not sure I'll ever go for a permanent short cut, but it definitely works for this shoot."

For more Kim Kardashian news, beauty and makeup tips, click here.


The Beauty Girls Weekend Read

Lianne from TheMakeupGirl got her first chemical peel at the Ted Gibson/Hela Spa in Chevy Chase and is never looking back!

Julia from All About The Pretty checks out cult skincare line Eve Lom's travel set.

Nobody does nudes like Bobbi Brown! Check out her latest Nude Eye Palette at Makeup Bag.

Quiz: Which new fall nail color came straight from the runway and promises to be the "it" color this fall? makeup loves me has the answer!

Find out why Daneen from Spoiled Pretty is channeling Sinead O'Connor and has declared that Nothing Compares to Darac TourQuam 3-D Face Sculpting Brush.

Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie has Super Secret Behavior....and she lets us in on it!

Teri from Beautiful Makeup Search is ready...are you? Her feature "Back To School Beauty" is back, check out her newest finds along with some blasts from the past.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On Nag birthday he donates for aarogya sree

P Ravinder Reddy, the President of All India Nagarjuna Fans Association has been carrying on several social service activities from the past 24 years. Today, being Nagarjuna's 50th birthday, the celebrations were held by the association at the residence of Dr Akkineni Nageshwara Rao.

Earlier to this, the fans association President and members Ravinder Reddy, Ravinder Goud, Sadaanth, Gundeti Rajesh, Nagaraju, Francis and Rajakumar have met Chief Minister Dr YS Raja Sekhara Reddy at 7-15 AM to donate Rs 50,000 DD for 'Arogyasree Scheme'.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Suhani making a habit of alcohol

Suhani, who her mark in Tollywood by 'Sawal', became a childdrinking. It is reported that a petite girl with sexy shapes and sizesis becoming addicted to alcohol and is taking it very much.
Usually, to overcome the stress and tension related to work, saysthat each character uses a certain amount of alcohol from time to time. Maybe at the weekend and the next day.
But in contrast to Suhani said to be eating it very muchAdding towhat the end of the week, it said that it competes with her ​​other friends in pubs and late night parties and takes it in large quantities.

Ileana rejects To Superstar Rajinikanth

She is known as the ‘Andaala Khazana’ of the Telugu circuit and true to her title, she has now become the queen of Tollywood.

As expected, she has become the hot property of the south movie makers but then she has been giving a strict no to Kollywood offers.

Apparently, there was a time when Ileana got offers from hot stars like Vijay, Ajith and even superstar Rajinikanth (for his animated movie) but then Ileana is said to have refused the offers politely.

The reason for that happens to be her miserable experience during her debut film ‘Kedi’ in Kollywood, as per sources.


Jaganmohini Screen talk.

Comming soon...... The old is become new..with Jaganmohini

With the release date for the film ‘Jaganmohini’ coming closer, the talks have been high along with the curiosity as well.
While the speculations are many, there seems to be one thing that many are agreeing upon and even reliable sources have been confirming it.

Quickgun murugan is set be realeasing on 28 aug 2009

The Great actor Rajendra prasad....quickgun murugan is releasing on 28 august 2009.With six films releasing this week, the audience may be wondering which movie to catch. But Bollywood’s top filmmakers are unanimous about their choice.

Swine flu

It is important that as swine flu spreads, you know the symptoms of the disease so you can recognise it in yourself and others at an early stage.
Please read this page and consider your symptoms carefully before using the National Pandemic Flu Service mentioned below.
So far, most swine flu cases have been mild, with symptoms similar to those of seasonal flu. Only a small number of people have had more serious symptoms.
If you or a member of your family has any of the following symptoms and a temperature of 38°C or above, you may have swine flu.The typical symptoms are:
a sudden fever (a high body temperature of 38°C/100.4°F or above), and
a sudden cough.
Other symptoms may include:
aching muscles,
limb or joint pain,
diarrhoea or stomach upset,
sore throat,
runny nose,
sneezing, or
loss of appetite.
Checking symptoms
It makes sense to have a working thermometer at home, as an increase in temperature is one of the main symptoms. If you are unsure how to use a thermometer, go to How to take someone's temperature.
If you are still concerned you may have swine flu, stay at home and check your symptoms using the online National Pandemic Flu Service.
Call your GP directly if:
you have a serious existing illness that weakens your immune system, such as cancer,
you are pregnant,
you have a sick child under one,
your condition suddenly gets much worse, or
your condition is still getting worse after seven days (five for a child).
Note: the National Pandemic Flu Service is a new online service that will assess your symptoms and, if needed, provide an authorisation number that can be used to collect antiviral medication from a local collection point. For those who do not have internet access, the same service can be accessed by telephone on:
Telephone: 0800 151 3100
Minicom: 0800 151 3200

Kim Kardashian Inks Perfume Deal With Lighthouse Beauty

Kim Kardashian is about to add another title to her resume: fragrance creator. Today’s Women’s Wear Daily reports that the reality star has inked a deal with beauty firm Lighthouse Beauty. Her first fragrance is expected to launch in spring 2010. "Collaborating with Lighthouse Beauty was a really creative, innovative process," said Kardashian. "What’s’ so different about their approach is that they have worked so closely with me on all aspects of my fragrance, the bottle, the I can develop a product that truly represents me and speaks to my fans...the fragrance really captures who I am."

For more Kim Kardashian news, beauty and makeup tips, click here.


Ayesha Shroff wife of Jackie Shroff introduced

Ayesha Shroff wife of Jackie Shroff introduced Katrina to the world of Bollywood and now she is revealing startling secrets about the actress

According to Ayesha Shroff, Katrina had an English surname which was not so easy to pronounce. Her original name is Katrina Turquotte. Katrina had to change her surname so that it could be accepted by the Indian audience. Firstly it was planned that she would be named as Katrina Kazi, but then it was found that Kazi would have religious note along with it. So it was finally Kaif..

Thats the history behind Katrina Kaif’s Name

Bollywood Movie Review – London Dreams

London Dreams an upcoming Bollywood musical film has Asin Thottumkal as the female lead with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan playing central characters. Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the music for the film was rumoured to be composed by A.R. Rahman, but in the end the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team did the honours. Adding value are Rannvijay Singh and Brinda Parekh essaying key roles in the project.

Slated for release on 30th of October, 2009, London Dreams is like an emotional love song. Two childhood friends dream of making it big in the music industry someday. The film follows them as they mature, struggle, form their own band and call it ‘London Dreams’. And as the two friends, the lead singers of ‘London Dreams’ harbor romantic feelings for a dancer in their band our story continues…

Shilpa Shetty to get married very soon

Shilpa Shetty, who became famous worldwide and specially UK after her win on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, is now all set to marry businessman Raj Kundra this autumn, which her father has revealed to the news media in an application to an Indian court.

Shilpa Shetty and her London-based Indian beau formed a successful business partnership following her appearance on the reality television show. Their business empire includes a $16.2 million (10 million pounds) stake in the Rajasthan Royals Twenty20 cricket team and a recently acquired food company. Thats a big business plan indeed.

According to Bollywood actress Shilpa’s father Surendra Shetty, the couple’s wedding plans in an application for his passport to be returned to allow him to attend the event. It was confiscated after he was charged with threatening a business associate he claimed owed money to his daughter, according to reports. Now that seems like the gateway to yet another Bollywood Gossip which we would like to reveal pretty shortly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger invited ShahRukh Khan to Washington to diffuse tension

The Terminator hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who presently is decorating seat of Governorship of California, has invited Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan to meet him on September 20 in Washington as an effort to diffuse tension resulted from the alleged detention of Shah Rukh Khan US border officials in a New York airport last weekend।

Shah Rukh, who is featured in the list of ‘50 Most Influential People’ told experience at the Newark Airport to be embarrassing. It is still uncertain whether Mr. Khan would accept this invitation. In meantime he has signed £125 million deal with Fox-Searchlight in US to distribute his latest movie ‘My Name is Khan’ that is based on racial tension as erupted aftermath of 9/11 terror attacks.

After retuning back to India, he said, “I am scared of authorities and rules, so I try to follow the rules of the country I travel to,” he said. He again said, “Whenever I am in America, I have to report at least two hours in advance while traveling within the country for security reasons - they ask me to take off my clothes and shoes, and I do that. “But I never experienced this kind of treatment.”

We're Becoming Obsessed!

We may have strong opinions about people, but we definitely give credit when credit is due. And Miley Cyrus is rocking our shit right now!

Unlike any of her peers, she has the ability to get TONS and TONS of media attention and also be incredibly successful - getting people to buy her music, watch her TV show, see her movies and get tickets to see her in concert।

Until now, a lot of her songs have been generic crap, but the Disney star has really stepped up her game recently and we are pleasantly surprised and genuinely impressed.

She might have a longer career than we ever gave her credit for!

Cyrus is dropping a new album for Wal-Mart next week and we are LOVING all the songs we've been hearing, like this one called Obsessed, which Slutty says is "her favorite" of the new songs.

We like it. A lot! A huge power ballad! You can tell Miley really connected to the material.

Oh, and yes, we definitely think it was inspired by a certain Jonas.

Check it out below!

Brad Pitt and Angelina At McDonalds

Brad Pitt and his wife - Angelina Jolie - recently made a trip to a local McDonald’s in downtown Los Angeles to get her babys - Shiloh, Pax, Maddox and Zahara some happy meals, but they kids were not the most happiest person at the place.

Check out the face of the worker while she saw the celebrity family by the drive-thru window!

We are sure she started screaming : “I’m Loving It!

Jennifer Lopez is Computer Illiterate

Jennifer Lopez is Computer Illiterate

Jennifer Lopez told the new issue of In Style

Should Megan Fox Play Catwoman?

Let's get this out of the way at the beginning:

Megan Fox will NOT portray Catwoman in the next Batman movie.

Great Britain's The Sun started this rumor a few days ago, it gained a bit of traction and then was shotdown by Hollywood insiders.

But is it really such a bad idea? Michelle Pfeiffer donned the iconic black leather suit in Batman Returns; and then Halle Berry (pictured) took on the role in the critically-lambasted 2004 movie Catwoman.

Neither actress did much with the character. Might Fox's dark features, experience in action films and general sexiness be just what is required for the seductive villain? You tell us!


Mischa Barton Speaks on Latest Meltdown

The Beautiful Life: TBL star Mischa Barton is speaking out for the first time to reveal the reasons she ended up in a hospital's psych ward last month.

The troubled actress says she was going through a period of her life that resulted in "a perfect storm" that resulted in her hitting absolute "rock bottom."

"I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once," Barton said.

"The show, travel and then a fairly routine surgery that went wrong - it’s still just healing," said Barton, who may or may not have tried to take her own life.

Shortly after her stint in a Los Angeles mental ward, Barton headed to NYC to film A Beautiful Life. The "routine surgery" was to take out her wisdom teeth.


eport: Kristen Stewart to Purchase "Love Nest" for Herself and Robert Pattinson

While the housing market inches toward recovery, Kristen Stewart is reportedly doing the best she can to jumpstart new home sales.

A source told The National Enquirer that Stewart is searching for a new residence. But not just any new residence!

"Kristen wants a super-romantic place to share with Rob in Los Angeles," said the insider.

And why shouldn't she? The latest round of reports regarding these co-stars pretty much confirm that they are dating happily.


Sada moving to towards bollywood

Sadaa Sayed, who has been part of many superhits and won awards down South, is all set to make a mark in Bollywood.

The actress will have Randeep Hooda wooing her in Pittie Group and Victoria Entertainment’s film Love Khichdi. Speaking about her role in the movie, she says, “I play a South Indian girl who has been living in Mumbai. I play Randeep’s best friend in the movie. Thankfully, it’s not a stereotypical role where I have to put on a fake South Indian accent.”


magadeers stands on record

The time has come to have a look at what the box office has to say. Well, it appears that the top slot seems to be booked for some more time by ‘Magadheera’ as it is still ruling the roost. Following this is the big budget ‘Mallanna’ which has got good openings but is slowly fizzling out.

Following the above is the much hyped ‘Anjaneyulu’ which has got an average talk. There is still ‘‘Snehituda’ which got marks for the performances of the lead cast.

The expectations are more on the next week since the arrival of ‘Josh’ has been causing great deal of excitement


Allu Aravind's Newspaper

The crafty movie maker Allu Aravind has been making waves with his back to back blockbuster hits and now he is said to be working on something else. If all goes well then Allu Aravind might begun to make his mark in the field of print media as well.

It is known news that Allu has been working on coming up with Southern Spice, a movie magazine which is on the way. His son, the intelligent Allu Sirish is likely to head this publication. Meanwhile, sources now reveal that the team is all set to arrive with a newspaper as well.

Prabhas as Viswamitra in Rajamouli direction?

Recently Rajamouli finished his work with Magadheera as super duper hit.SS Rajamouli currently directing a comedy film ‘Maryada Ramanna’ with Sunil it is in story discussions.Very few directors create sensation in the news. Only Maniratnam and Ramgopal Varma has that popularitySS Rajamouli has joined that league of creating sensation in what ever he does.

SS Rajamouli is planning another historic movie with Prabhas and it is going to be Brahmarshi will feature Prabhas as hero and the story is based on Brahmarshi Viswamitra. Other details are awaited


Gopichand with puri for next upcomming movie

Gopichand has joined the league of big stars. Till now, he has been working with upcoming and new directors and small time producers but things are changing. Hotshot director Puri Jagannadh has announced that his next film would be with Gopichand as hero. What is more, Puri himself would be producing it on his Vaishno Academy banner. “We will begin regular shoot from November and planning for Summer 2010 release,” Puri said in a press statement.

On the other hand, Gopichand’s Shankam is due for release.


Tv Channels Hunting Biggest Michael Jackson Fan contest

All Indian fans of pop star Michael Jackson gear up. Entertainment channel Vh1 is set to host The Search For India’s Biggest Michael Jackson Fan contest.The winner will represent India as Jackson’s biggest fan and will be given an opportunity to pay his/her last respects to the legend at the star dedicated to him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Vh1 will also give a chance to fans to pay homage to the late King of Pop by sending in a ribbon and a note in memory of Jackson and it will be delivered to the Walk of Fame.To participate, all fans have to SMS MJ to 56882 to obtain details of the contest

"No amount of praise can possibly befit the legend that lived. We want to give our viewers the opportunity to express their love for the King of Pop with this once in a life time opportunity," said Ferzad Palia, associate general manager, Vh1 India.


Aamir impressed with Rajendra Prasad

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan seems to have bowled over by the performance of our Telugu actor Rajendra Prasad. In his blog,

Aamir Khan wrote:Just saw ’QUICK GUN MURUGAN’. Really enjoyed it. I think fans of the Channel ’V’ character Quick Gun Murugan will love it.

Its got so many rib cracking moments. And a very well pitched performance by the lead actor Dr Rajendra Prasad, and all the other cast. Its releasing on 28th so dont miss it if you are a Quick Gun fan. Mind it.Although Rajendra Prasad is much senior to Aamir, getting praise from Aamir means a lot for any actor.

It’s time to laugh and romance

kangana Ranaut is known for playing heavy duty roles in films like "Gangster" and "Fashion", but the actress has now signed on her second light-hearted movie "Tanu Weds Manu".The fun film, directed by Aanand L. Rai of "Strangers" fame, has Kangana paired with R. Madhavan.

"It was after much deliberation that Kangana was finalised for the role. The character that Kangana would be playing in ’Tanu Weds Manu’ is such that it is of paramount importance to get the casting right, " Rai told.


10 unknown things about Kamal Haasan

Kamal is the only Indian actor who had bagged more than 18 Filmfare Awards.
Ninaithale Inikkum was the last film in which Kamal and Rajni acted together.
Kamal was the choreographer for MGR in the film Naan En Pirandhein, He was also choreographer for Shivaji in the film Savaale Samali and for Jayalalitha in Anbu Thangai.
Though Kamal is an atheist he doesn’t comment on religious matters.
Kamal is the only Tamil actor who had acted in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Bengali languages.