Saturday, June 12, 2010


‘Panchakshari’ Review: Same Old Story
‘Vedam’ Review: Meaningful Movie With ‘Stars’!!!
‘Golimaar’ Review: It's Boring Yaar!!!
‘Kites’ Review: Thread Broken
'Young India' Review: Torture Of India
‘Andari Bandhuvaya’ Review: Touching And Inspiring
‘RRKK’ Review: Ayyo Rama…Ayyo Krishna
‘Okka Kshanam’ Review: Thought Provoking
‘Super Cowboy’ Review: Not So Super!!!
'Simha' Review2: Senseless Violence
‘Simha’ Review: Just For Fans
'Darling' Review: Watch It For Prabhas!!!!
'Prasthaanam' Review: Powerful & Philosophical
'Betting Bangarraju' Review: Reasonably Good Laughs
‘Mouna Raagam’ Review: Old Stuff Retold
'Varudu' Review: Missed The Way To Do!
‘Maro Charitra’ Review: Fails To Create Charitra!!
‘Taj Mahal’ Review: Not A Wonder
'Yagam' Review: Thumbs Down
‘Sadhyam’ Review: Thumbs Down
‘Ye Maya Chesaave’ Review -2: 'A' Class Movie
‘Kalavar King’ Review: Beaten Track
SiraSri Review: ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’- It’s ‘Heart’ful
‘Inkosari’ Review: Only For Class Audience
‘Leader’ Review-2: 1st Half Good- 2nd Half Dud
'Leader' Review: It’s Honest And Good
'My Name Is Khan' Post Mortem: It's A Trash
‘Kedi’ Review-2: Director Missed Golden Chance!
'Kedi' Review: Not Upto Expectations
‘Striker’ Review: Not Striking
‘Bindaas’ Review: Action Entertainer
'Mayabazaar-Color' Review: Simply Superb!!!
‘Rann’ Review: Too Much Preaching!!
'Seetaramula Kalyanam Lankalo' Review: It’s Weak
'Sambho Siva Sambho' Review: Disappointed
'Namo Vernkatesha' Review: Family Entertainer

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