Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeup Mondays With Mario: Making Eyes Look Larger

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is answering your burning beauty questions!!! Every Monday, he will answer a beauty/skin care question as part of a weekly column on Spoiled Pretty, Makeup Mondays with Mario.

Hi Mario!

First and foremost, I'm an epic fan of your work! The advice you give is extremely helpful. So, I was hoping that you could help me out with one particular struggle I have with applying makeup. I have relatively small eyes and not a lot of eyelid area - a trait I've inherited from my Asian side of the gene pool. This has inhibited me from attempting the smokey-eyed makeup or any other bold looks why my eyes. How should I apply eye makeup so that it gives the illusion of bigger eyes?



You should not be afraid to try different bold looks on your beautiful Asian eyes! If you're not happy with the look, wipe it off and give it another try.

To open up your eyes and make them appear larger, simply swipe a light eye pencil along the inner rims of your eyes. The pencil can work in a vanilla or cream color. For a more dramatic contrast, try a white pencil. Apply light colors on your lids and darker shadow along your crease. Try keeping the darker colors away from the inner corners of your eyes as that will bring the eyes closer together.

When going for a smokey eye, try copper shadows or plum instead of black and always curl your lashes - it really helps to open the eyes. Practice makes pretty! Thanks for visiting my column!


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