Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prabhu Deva-Ramlath divorce: Coming soon?

And finally, the day D is in sight for Prabhu Deva! His wish to marry Nayantara may soon come true! Prabhu Deva and his wife Lathaaka Ramlath has requested for mutual divorce before the Family Court. On July 2, the family court in Chennai, sanctioned their divorce, and since Prabhu must go abroad to shoot his new film, the court may grant a divorce on Thursday.

Prabhu Deva and Ramlath requested, claiming that any efforts by the mediators and the elderly in their family could not find a solutionand have agreed to divorce by mutual consent. Ramlath alsowithdrew its earlier petitions pending before the court. PrabhuDeva and Ramlath were married on 8 September 1995 and had three sons. One of their sons died of cancer.

According to sources, Prabhu has already started giving the child support he promised his wife Ramlat and as a first step, herecently paid her Rs. Five hundred tysięcy.Dom and 22-percentownership page has also been moved to Ramlath and their two sons Rishi and Aditya. In addition to real estate in Hyderabad, a flat in Chennai will also be forwarded Ramlath name is.

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