Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Case

Hi Everyone. Originally I wanted to do a weekend blog post update, but instead I decided to do a post about the Casey Anthony Case. 

At first when I knew about the case, I didn’t think it would be such a focus on the news. I guess it got focused on because the fact that Casey was out and partying after she already knew her daughter is “ missing”. She lied about it to the police saying that a nanny had her child. The lie gets exposed very quickly as police found out there’s no such nanny. 

The verdict says Casey Anthony is not guilty because supposedly Caylee drowned in the pool and the father ( grandfather of Caylee) covering up the death because of whatever reason... which doesn’t make any sense at all... If Caylee was already dead.. why the hell did they duct taped the girl? & if they’re not mentally ill, then they must be evil to not call an ambulance when Caylee drowned.. I mean I wouldn’t be able to tell if a person is dead or just pass out.. can  you??

Casey Anthony also got a tatto: “Bella Vita” = Beautiful Life after her daughter Caylee’s disappearance. Really? A beautiful life? I guess they try to explain her absurd behavior based on her abused past. Which ok, maybe she was traumatized, but that doesn’t give her the license to kill! I don’t believe she didn’t kill her daughter because NO BODY would be HAPPY & OUT PARTYING when the daughter IS DEAD/MISSING! 

On top of that, she goes out partying and lies to people about her daughter’s whereabouts. She does not CARE for her daughter AT ALL! To a point, that I think is really disgusting! Her daughter is a human being! I would be crying just to know that a stranger little girl is dead, but if it’s someone I know? A family member? Even if I don’t like the person, I wouldn’t be able to go out partying... can you???

I think at the end they’re able to “win” the case because Caylee was so badly decomposed already when they found her, there’s not much evidence to directly prove who’s the murderer. But honestly.. DUCT TAPE ! PEOPLE! WHO DUCT TAPE DEAD PEOPLE? TELL ME? This case is making me very frustrated... that such a thing can happen. The only way I can see Casey as innocence is if she’s legally mentally insane and we can lock her up for the rest of her life in the mental hospital. ( & the father should be lock up too for covering everything up with her) 

Watch out... she’s coming out?!??!?! 

What do you think of the Casey Anthony Case? 


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