Sunday, September 4, 2011

Criselda Volks after Scandal

Criselda Volks after Scandal  - Criselda Volks is attempt to commit suicide. After a long years of silence here Criselda Volks comes again with a new scandal. Criselda Volks Scandal Video is a celebrated video that is being talk in showbiz today. What will be the comment of Criselda Volks in the said scandal video.

The news about Criselda Volks Scandal Video is the talk of the town in different talk shows and in the internet. What is really behind the Scandal Video that being connected to the cute actress Criselda Volks that is not been active right now in the showbiz industry. Is this a celebrity gimmick for them to talk about.

Criselda Volks Scandal Video is not the only Scandal Video that has been watched of many, there are many Scandal Video that are being connected to different actor and actresses. If it is a scandal or a publicity gimmick, we - the viewers should decide.
The year 2010 seemed to be a year of controversy for cute starlet Criselda Volks.

It was last year when Criselda Volks  video spread like wildfire on the internet. Criselda Volks, on her own accord, admitted that she was the woman on the video.

After a year of silence, she left the Philippines and migrated to Las Vegas to be with her kin.

In an exclusive interview with Balitang America, Criselda Volks said that up to now Criselda Volks is still trying to lift herself back up from the controversies back home.

“You don't forget the past because life is a learning process. If you forget those pasts, you may make the same mistakes again. Hindi ko sasabihing kinalimutan ko pero I have moved on and decided that past is past and you should be happy,” said Volks.

Criselda Volks said , “Yes, I do have regrets that if I could turn back time, I would probably do better things".

Criselda Volks longs to see her son whom she has not seen for a while now. Her son’s father was her ex-partner, actor Cris Villanueva. Volks said that her son is her only inspiration and strength to move on.

“The reason why I came here is to get my strength back and to get myself back together so I can be a better mom for him. I would not say I didn't try my best when I was with him. I have done some mistakes. If I go back, there would be so many things that I would do differently. I miss Raffa. He is my life and everything I am doing now is for him," she said.

Volks is hopeful that she will patch things up with Villanueva and hopes to be friends in the future.

Criselda Volks now works in Las Vegas as a promotional model as she tries to finish her bartending course.
“The difference now is it’s time to get up and get back on track. Criselda Volks now is more motivated more determined," she said.

Volks’ life in Vegas is far from her telenovela roles from the past. But she said she will continue to strive hard as she starts a new life.

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