Monday, August 8, 2011

Ram Charan Teja's USP: Daredevilry

It is not uncommon to see our heroes who want to be known for something special. Heroes of the current generation are not happy with in accordance with the conventions and how to demonstrate something or other. If Allu Arjun catches our attention almost impossible steps (remember Arya2?), Ram Charan is doing the devil acts of courage in his films.

Charan in Magadheera act now come to mind. His feat of diving resorts in Orange later that he is happy to try   something different for Raccha.

Telugu Heroes making brave attempts of this kind is not without precedent. Several years ago, Mahesh Babu almost risked his life, citing the actor to stunt the train. (In an interview after the premiere of the film, said he did not do such a life-threatening appearances, and never more).

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