Monday, August 8, 2011

Action sequences: What Ram, Naga Chaitanya feel

This magnificent week, is the turn of Dhada (release date: 11August) Kandireega (release date: August 12) to screw it in hand. Interestingly, both films are touted as healthy entertainment with lots of romance, comedy and action. During Kandireega has seven action sequences, has lots of action Dhada too.

Going by the religious film in the film operates Chaitu is different from that of the film frame. Ajay Bhuyan in the film, Chaitu says, has a realistic combat, in which the hero will be rocking the boat villains in a credible fight. On the other hand, it Kandireega fights are in the cinema.

As for Ram, the type of sequence of actions depends on the type of object. He is not reluctant to fight impossible, if required by the scenario. Conversely, Chaitu is happy that this   fight Dhada are unthinkable.

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