Monday, August 8, 2011

Krishnudu: Career moves southwards

He could have fought against the odds and made ​​the character extremely two hits for himself, and Village Lo VinayakuduVinayakudu but Krishnudu career graph seems to be heading south in those days. From Pappu and Kothimooka to Amayakudu, chubby actor has been meeting with failure. Wrong choice of scripts on the side, his propensity to act in the same style can contribute to its current off-color race for BO.

He does not have a big project on his hands at this point. Added to it Ramadandu, where he plays football, is not a regularly shot at the moment.

What can I do to Krishnudu be back in the bill? Well, you will have to go on a few pounds for sure. That is his number one program only helps him. Second, he must quickly get on his hang over Vinayakudu and flesh out his efficiency. Given his determination, we just hope that it is on track to achieve these.

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