Thursday, October 28, 2010

day 6/7/8

Day 6/7/8

Day 6: A representation of your day- what do you do?

Well, I go to work.So average about 8 hours on the computer screen.. it’s not very good to my eyes but time goes by so fast, I never know when to take a rest.

I am a lazy little girl so I never had the habit of going to the gym until about this year, which I think it’s quite an accomplishment since I go to the gym by myself now, totally motivated by ME! A lot of times I would go to gym during lunch time, so I can go home right after work. Other times I go after work because I like going to gym classes.

Day 7 something you ate today-

O I wish I took a picture before I ate it.. I usually don’t eat breakfast, but today I was handed a subway breakfast sandwich.. YUM. =)

For lunch, I always try to bring food to save $. However lately I been eating a whole lot of McDonalds because of my little hope of winning something with the monopoly.. haha. But I have to say the more I eat the more disappointed I am. It’s kind of obvious that they do not let out certain pieces so NO ONE can win. I mean, I don’t know if anyone actually wins, but I saw this dude with a little MOUNTAIN of monopoly pieces ( no joke) & well.. when I left it seems that he hasn’t win anything yet.

Day 8 Something You Dislike.

If we’re talking about some THING I dislike, nothing really comes to my mine other than food… but if we’re talking about some ONE, then I would say cheaters, liars & ppl who think they know everything.


It’s obvious why we hate cheater & liars. As for people who think they know know what, they don’t. They’re arrogant and think highly of themselves. All the educated people that I respect are humble. They know that no matter what, there will be people out there who are smarter/ more knowledageable & I think that’s true; Geniuses can’t be a genius in EVERYTHING, right?



alright that's all for now. I think I might do another blog soon that's not relate to the 31 days o blogging.~~~ =) jiya ne.








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