Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1: Self portrait – share basics/make an intro.

I decided to follow the trend right now and do the 31 days of blogging posts! =) Hope you will find them interesting~~~

31 days of entires.. here I come... ^_^


  • For some basic info about me.. well, I am an Asian girl, who mostly have long hair most of my life. I remember there were times when I was younger that my mom would yell at me to force me to cut my hair. Everytime I cut it, I hate it.

  • I am on a mission to be as active as possible in learning new things because I know I am a lazy girl! The good thing is that i'm pretty good at forcing myself to do things.

  • Everything I am interested in have to do with ART. I love Music/Piano, ( anything) Design, Photography, Comic, Makeup, etc. & I am trying my best to learn all of these as much as possible while having a full time job. Which sometimes I feel maybe it's too much, but I wouldn't want to regret not trying my best to learn all of them.



  • I " secretly" wants to be a (model/acturess/singer) celebrity. But in reality I don't really want to have those careers because I like a peaceful life. I think we all crave fame, but once we get it, it gets out of control really fast. ( of course this is probably only true if I gain a lot of fame, but even once we get a little bit of fame, we always crave more, don't we?)


  • ** follow by celebs that I think r beautiful**

  • Jessica Alba- I think she's so sweet looking & can look real hot too.

  • Christina Aguilera- I am addicted to her voice, I wish to have her voice (+ her body)

  • Kim Kardashian- Well.. what can I say? I like her body

  • Scarlett Johansson- I think her acting is ok, but she is beautiful from head to toe!
    Oh yeah, I am also addicted to a lot of drams & shows, but I will tell you that in another day. =)

  • So yeah, I guess that's the basics about me. <3

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