Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2: Someone you adore – 5 reasons why

I think this topic is very difficult. I think most people will post their friends here. & well the obvious reasons why because they're friends, they support me, they're sweet.. etc. & I guess that's what I am SUPPOSE to post here, cuz these topics are suppose to let the audience know more about ME. But I decided not to do that, because we all have friends and I think it's impossible to understand why we personally adore our friends unless we know the history.. & well, that would be a long ass blog! ( plus, I would have to post too many ppl here... I can't just pick one)
Well, if I post someone who is not my personal friend, it is still difficult.. but let me try.

In the Music world.. I adore...

1) Chopin
Obviously, I adore him for his music. He lived in the Romantic Era, with the piano available as it is today. You can use a lot of pedal with his music, & I love using pedals because it's much less likely to hear a broken phrase. I won't elaborate too much since we all know who he is.

2) Sergei Rachmaninoff (English: Rachmaninov)
He is a Russian Pianist, live in between Late Romantic and 20th century Era of music. I think the blend is great, because a lot of 20th century music include too much dissonance sounds (unpleasant sounds). It is still music but difficult to listen and understand it unless you did the research. For Rachmaninoff, I think he had just enough dissonance but not too much, thus, it is still pretty easy for me to listen. His music is very powerful with lots of strong characters.

3) Christina Aguilera

I know, she's completely different then the two persons above. I am kind of scared that I put them in the same category. I adore Christina, I love her voice. If I have a genie, I would wish to have her voice!

In the Modeling World .. I adore..

Heidi Klum
There are too many beautiful people out there, it would be impossible to say who is the most beautiful. For me, I think a beautiful body definitely needs some curves, so I crossed out all the skinny people! I think Heidi is so beautiful, especially baby after baby, I hope I will be able to do that too!

In the movie world... I adore..

Johnny Depp.
NO I DON"T THINK he's hot. & actually I don't understand why girls would think that way, unless it's because they are truly overpower by his talents. Ok, I don't know anything about acting, but I do feel like he's one of the only actor who truly transforms in to the character that he is playing. Most of the time I don't even recongize that it's Johnny Depp in the movie unless I was told so.
oh... So I guess instead of someONE I adore with Five reasons why, I ended up with Five persons I adore. haha. Well, close enough!.

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