Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mercede Johnston confirmed poses for Playboy Photos

Mercede Johnston confirmed poses for Playboy Photos - Mercede Johnston Playboy photos now confirmed, Levi's sister Mercede Johnston Johnston asked for pictures of Playboy for the price of $ 25,000. Before this picture, Mercede Johnston first made headlines when he wrote a series of pics up and hard about Bristol Palin's comments after the birth of her child. Mercede changed since their appearance. But this is their comments about Palin, as much as their spread for Playboy, is that the mind bent. 

Mercede Johnston is no more than $ 25,000 paid for their deployment to the Playboy image, claim the news this weekend. Johnston, Levi Johnston's sister, who recently hit the baby mama. After Palin promoted her book, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far", Johnston said the book should be titled 'Lies have no fear ". 

Johnston said Palin "Sad because now very clear that he [Levi] Love was never really answered Now I generally do not feel good telling different people ... [love] life .." 

But, he added, "I never even talk like Bristol trying to get pregnant, because I know this is a very personal issue to feel. Believe me, he would never do what they [Bristol] has been so relaxed with him ever made. . " 

In 2009, first reported Mercede after his comments about Sarah Palin and Bristol. Mercede among the first to divide the Palin and Johnston reported, after two children to welcome a new, engaging, and Johnston's mother (Sherry Johnston) was arrested. "Levi Tripp tries to visit every day, but it makes it almost impossible for Bristol She tells him that he can not be a baby in our house because they do not want to 'white trash'." 

Sarah Palin, he said at the time "I used to love her. But I've lost a lot of respect for him," he once wrote in the MySpace "My Sister in Law -. Ooh, how I love them." This no longer happens. 

In July this year, he swung back against the Palins. "Does anyone really believe in losing, a good Christian girl who pretends to be like Bristol is really her virginity in a tent?" He added: "I do not want the usual time of their first daughter as a meaningful and special .."

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