Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amulet To Conquer Woman

Amulet To Conquer Woman - Surely my friend had experienced hard chasing our women's idol. even willing to make sacrifices and struggled to mendapatkanya, sorry deh you ...? author also, hihihii .. 
Believe me, in fact every woman must have some weaknesses, our task is to find and exploit it, also prayed and waited takdirNYA.wah .. wah. Perhaps try this at some strategies of exploiting women kelemahanya: 

=> Youth conquer strategy 

He was always surrounded by friends guy ABG also the guys are immature and still looking for attention. 
Conversely, you do not need attention, even you who can give him attention. Be gentle, as he picked up and walking together, opened the door and listen confidante, she can not get this from a guy her own age. 
Oh yea do not forget to always be mature and lead, very funny if you are led by him ... 

=> Strategies to conquer the pious women who shy 

Women of this type are usually always at home and rarely play out, every day just watching TV, studying or staring at the room. Imagine how bored to live like that! 
So in his heart, he longed for a life full of color and fun. 
Do not hesitate to invite him out, he'll be pleased. 

=> Strategies to conquer the adult female 

Women who are approaching the age of 30 would have started to worry. 
But do not think you could jump like that and immediately accepted, if she is beautiful of course, he still tried searching for the best. If you already ketauan obvious crush on her, then she will keep you for a backup. 


 => Strategies to conquer women who squirt 

Similar as the above, but whom he also entered into pergaulanmu, invite friends gokill and exciting. During this time he must have longed dipergaulan accepted, you're the helper. (But be careful lest he digaet gokill same friend who was mu) 

=> Strategies to conquer a woman who is rather poor, sorry .. 

Take him to the street to the place where luxury, take the place of high class. 
No need to spit the money, simply ask him to taste a little, the important moment with him felt the nuances of who has been outside its reach. 

=> Strategies to conquer the women who lost their father figure 

Serving as a grown man who can be a pedestal, do not be whiny or weak man, be a role model and guide. 

=> Conquer strategy Authoritarian and women who like to lead 

Be gentle and docile, do not argue, but he's noose slowly until one day can not be separated from you. 

=> Strategies to conquer a woman who does not have any weaknesses? 

everybody has weaknesses, there must be a desire that has not been reached, there is trauma from his past, there are concerns and fears, there are sins or mistakes ever done that tormented him. 
Anyway no one is perfect. Slowly investigated carefully and patiently, surely you can find a weakness, then you can exploit it.

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